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Full Version: Police Brutality - Women Knocked Out By Police Officer
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A high ranking police officer punches a innocent lady attending the Philly Puerto Rican Day parade, and knocks her out. A man threw water onto the officer while his back was turned, and the officer turned around and saw the lady holding a water bottle. He punches her in the face, knocking her out during the parade
In a lawless land WE become the law.
(10-01-2012 08:19 PM)entropy666w Wrote: [ -> ]In a lawless land WE become the law.

Can't wait, I've been training for the Thunderdome for years now.
i hate police officers who abuse the little power that they have
(10-02-2012 01:53 PM)stonze Wrote: [ -> ]i hate police officers who abuse the little power that they have

In the state of Texas, the game wardens have more power than the police. They can not only give you a fine, but confiscate EVERYTHING in your possession, boat, vehicle, weapons (even if legal), your ID, pretty much everything but the clothes keeping you from being naked...having said that, I'd say there aren't anymore boundaries to their power...they've been testing the waters for years with things like the King beating, and now, the system is so corrupt from the top down that they can kick your door in, beat you, rape you, murder you and their buddies will simply lie for them in court...I don't call that a little bit of power, I call it Nazi Germany.
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