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Full Version: The Rise of Global Governance - Part 1
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Very good, watching now.
Quality post.
Yes, I thought it was interesting. Ran across it while looking for connections between The Nature Conservancy and Agenda 21. I've been looking at places in Maine and found a place near the Machias River. Started digging and see the Nature Conservancy has a big chunk. Seeing that the NC just opened a nice new award winning green office building in downtown Indy, their tentacles are everywhere and growing. I'm all for conservation, but something about these guys Stinks! From Henry Paulson to Goldman Sachs..........Yale, CBS......climate change bla bla bla.

Nature Conservancy Scientist Named CBS News Contributor
Bud Ward May 24, 2012
i watched all 5 parts of this documentary, excellent info. Wish they would come out with a Part6, dealing with 2008-till now
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