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Kevin Annett 15 September 2012 Announcement

Hello and welcome. My name is Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice and I am speaking to you today on behalf of the Council of Elders of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State: a multinational coalition of over fifty organizations in seven countries.

Under the authority of that Tribunal as well as Common Law and the Natural Land Law Jurisdiction of Sovereign Nations, I declare that as of this day, Saturday, September 15, 2012, a Public International Court of Justice is hereby convened to consider evidence related to charges of crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy by institutions of church and state, and their fiduciary officers.

The crimes that will be documented and judged in our Court are abominable and almost unimaginable. They span centuries, and range from outright murder to systematic torture, rape, slave labor, germ warfare, medical experimentation, drug testing, involuntary sterilizations, child trafficking, genocide and wars of extermination against peaceful nations. These crimes are all the more heinous by the fact that they were often aimed at children and occured not randomly by isolated individuals, but historically, systematically, deliberately, and officially, by express command of heads of church and state according to their laws and customs – and by the fact that many of these crimes carry on today against the innocent at the hands of the same authorizing institutions and heads of state.

The enormity of these crimes requires a new approach. For this Court is a unique experiment, in that under existing international law, institutions cannot be brought to trial or account for genocidal or criminal actions, despite the fact that these crimes arise from and are caused by such institutions. There has consequently been no legal recourse for millions of people whose cultures and lives have been destroyed by the deliberate plans and actions of institutions of church and state, such as in the case of the conquest of entire continents of non-Christian people by European kingdoms operating under the sanction of so-called papal laws.

Similarly, in the case of countless victims of sexual assault and torture by clergy of catholic and protestant churches, national courts have continually denied these victims the right to sue these churches as a whole and restricted their litigation to individual perpetrators, despite the fact that church laws and policies allow, protect and legitimate such assaults.

These very restrictions require not only an entirely new legal approach to the historic wrongs of church and state, if justice is to be done and seen to be done; but the fact that existing courts refuse to address the root cause of these crimes by naming the systems respoinsible for them compels the citizens of all nations to rely on their customary and unalienable rights to win justice and protect themselves and their children when existing authorities refuse to do so.

It is in this spirit that our International Common Law Court of Justice is convened.

Our Court stands upon the precedent of the Nuremburg Laws and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which state clearly that citizens everywhere have the right and obligation to refuse to obey or pay taxes to governments or institutions engaged in crimes against humanity. That is, it is recognized by international law that institutions as well as individuals can be engaged in criminal actions and can therefore be held accountable and liable in a court of law.

All of these crimes he mentions are being commited and we all are being affected. These crimes are done to All Of Us!
Posted By: MaryMaxwell Date: Sunday, 16-Sep-2012 11:13:51

Quelle Surprise! The People’s Court of Kevin Annett

Today, September 15, 2012, a Canadian man, Kevin Annett, said, on Youtube, that he has arranged an international people’s court to prosecute the crime of genocide committed against First Nation kids who lived in Catholic and Anglican residential schools. Some were tortured and murdered. Fathom it!

The Evolution of Law
I am a recent law graduate, and author of a user-friendly book, Prosecution for Treason (2011). I think Annett’s move is important and correct. Law is a Homo sapiens invention, always evolving!

Throughout my law training I always heard lecturers couch their remarks in terms of “The Law,” as though that were the universe. No, the true context in which law takes place is one of power relations and also one of psychological instincts, in addition, of course, to the context of legal ideas. Those have been enjoying wonderful development since at least the Code of Hammurabi.

Kevin Annett points out that two big institutions, church and state, are participants in the crimes, and are preventing “law” from being carried out. That’s a power-relations thing. It is also true that citizens refuse to believe that the genocide took place (although an apology for abuse was given by Stephen Harper in 2008). Folks thereby help block prosecutory action. That’s a psychological-instinct thing.

Kevin Annett is helping the legal sphere of life reestablish itself! He is plainly giving vitality to the laws against genocide. You may recall that Lelio Basso did a similar thing several decades ago. He set up some People’s Courts. I guess we should have talked about them more, as talking things up is what makes them become part of culture.

In a 16-minute Youtube video, Annett stated his case and named the “defendants.” He demanded that they come to a meeting -- a pre-trial conference -- within 10 business days, that is, by October 1st.

The Law Society of British Columbia
One of the defendants is the Law Society of British Columbia. The website of that organization says: “The Law Society regulates the more than 10,000 lawyers in the province, setting and enforcing standards of professional conduct that ensure the public is well served by a competent, honourable legal profession.”

I was delighted to hear that Annett named this group. Its many members, including law students, must be furious that their Society committed crimes against children. Or, if the allegations be false, furious at Annett for delivering such an insult.

Either way, they should respond to this refreshing new approach. A court in the front garden, so to speak. Much, much needed, wouldn’t you agree?

Members of the profession will need to get into the act as individuals, since they can’t very well team up within the guild, under the circumstances. This is fascinating. I hereby offer my services, but only in the following capacity. I will act as a switchboard if members want to be in touch with colleagues.

That is, they might not know the emails addresses, or even the names, of fellow Law Society members (I hardly know any of mine in South Australia), but if they email me and say “Give out my contact details to any other members who so apply”, Mary will oblige.

Come on, young lawyers. Law is your bread and butter! Don’t let this historic moment pass. Think how many innovations you could come up with, such as offers of amnesty to participants who were coerced.

That said, I am emphatically not offering to be a player. Also, I won’t see the content of your emails to one another. I need to remain neutral, as I hope to be a commentator about this people’s court. But switchboarding I can do. I shall not publicize any switchboarding that I carry out.

Just write to me (I am omitting the symbol “at” for troll reasons), like this: Mary.Maxwell Please say that you are a member of the Law Society of British Columbia. I’ll treat any such claim as true, but of course I can be fooled and may end up sending you the names of interlopers. Sorry about that.

Oh, and if you are worried that you might get in trouble for speaking, I can only say it is almost guaranteed. This is a mean and violent world we live in. And are you thinking that the BC Law Society may hurt your career for taking an interest in the genocide matter? Crikey, what a thought.

Actually I am going to forward a copy of this article to the person listed as your Manager of Communications and Public Relations, and ask her to share it with you. Maybe I am completely behind the times and she has already set up a communication thingie on the matter. Good.

Fiat justitia ruat coelum, eh?

Here is a link to the Rome Statute:

And here is one to the Annett video:

Mary Maxwell, PhD, LLB is the author of Morality among Nations (State University of New York Press). See her website, on the separation of powers, at:
An Open Letter to Canadians about your Country's Final Solu

A Special Communique by The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (Brussels) – Issued 23 September, 2012

This week, thirty two public summonses were issued to mostly Canadian citizens, including Prime Minister Harper and major church officials, calling them to account for colluding in or concealing unspeakable crimes against children.

These crimes include beating children to death, kidnapping and starving others, torturing them in medical experiments or making them infertile, farming them out to wealthy child rapists, and gang raping and exploiting them as slave labor.

These abominations occurred in Canada for over a century in detention camps misleadingly called Indian residential schools, run by catholic and protestant churches. Some of these crimes continue today in your country.

Your tax money and church offerings have for many years helped to sustain these crimes and protect the guilty.

Your police have buried the grisly evidence of these atrocities, and continue to prosecute and silence those eyewitnesses who try to share the truth.

And your politicians and courts continue to whitewash these crimes and exonerate the churches that killed off more than 50,000 children in what they still call Indian residential schools.

The time of your complicity in these crimes against humanity is ending. For an International Common Law Court of Justice has convened and has charged dozens of Canadians with responsibility for genocide and criminal conspiracy. Their trial begins on October 15.

You can be in the global online courtroom that will judge the evidence of Canada's Genocide and come to a verdict. You can help Canada come clean about its deliberate plan of extermination against Indians by holding your nation and its churches to account and be indicted for their home grown Holocaust.

The Common Law Court will be posting online all of the evidence behind its charges, commencing October 15. If a guilty verdict is reached, you are obligated under international law to stop funding and colluding with a government and churches found guilty of crimes like these:

- the beating to death of Victoria Stewart, age 9, by United Church employee Ann Knizky at the Edmonton Indian residential school on April 9, 1958

- the forced sterilization of Sarah Modeste and hundreds of other young women by United Church doctor George Darby at the infamous R.W. Large Hospital

- the use of Joan Morris and many other children as involuntary test subjects for drug testing, organ removal and pain endurance experiments at the Nanaimo Indian Hospital

- the attempted murder of William Combes, Ernie Tatooche and many other children by deliberately exposing them to tuberculosis and denying them treatment, at Catholic, Anglican and United Church hospitals and schools … and the actual killing of more than half of the children in these facilities by such methods

- the continued theft and trafficking of aboriginal children through "child aid" government agencies

The historic reckoning for these crimes has finally arrived. Be part of this cleansing and not its impediment … for all of the children.

Educate yourselves by seeing some of the evidence at . Stay tuned to for the complete posting of all of the cases and evidence in the Common Law Court docket indicting Canada, the Vatican and other powers for crimes against humanity.

Issued by The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State
23 September, 2012
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