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Full Version: Planet X Movie Melancholia
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Woot Kirsten Dunst's boobehhs!
I smell an Oscie!!!!!!
(04-08-2011 07:32 PM)Fleck Wrote: [ -> ]Woot Kirsten Dunst's boobehhs!

Hell yeah, sometimes I wish I was Spiderman.
I fricken always wish that...
(04-08-2011 07:01 PM)dwdoyle Wrote: [ -> ]

this is some dutchnonsince ***** he posted today! alond with politicalseerer!
(04-09-2011 12:47 AM)etuHad4 Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-08-2011 07:01 PM)dwdoyle Wrote: [ -> ]

this is some dutchnonsince ***** he posted today! alond with politicalseerer!

my sources are confidential now you've ruined it for me ahhhhhhhh:@BS Flag


(04-09-2011 12:47 AM)etuHad4 Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-08-2011 07:01 PM)dwdoyle Wrote: [ -> ]

this is some dutchnonsince ***** he posted today! alond with politicalseerer!

jesus...what is up with all the dutch bashing? get over it already. Oh, and the btw, it's showmeasign posting this b4 you bash me for posting as guest. I'm mobile so difficult to log in.

all the negative drama is why i only check this site 1-2 times a wk anymore. you guys kinda ruin it.
I agree with showmeasign about juvenile ganging up, bashing and bragging being unecessary.
Even the Melancholia thread could stand some more serious treatment IMO, which is why I even bother to check back, despite getting half grossed out by the silly commentary so far.
I'm hoping the film could offer some serious psychological insights into the obsessive allure of catastrophism, if nothing else, let alone any Illuminati programming clues, or warnings it may contain.
Despite the bravado of some who may choose to only consider a narrower band of possible future events and their causes, THE REAL NEWS and SERIOUSLY compelling conspiracy theories, are objectively dissonant enough to warrant a little more respect and consideration for those with minds blown wider open, or who have become clinically depressed, like it appears Melancholia portrays. Are Kirsten Dunsts pretty breasts really all you guys see as worth talking about in Melancholia?
I've read the rational about Dutchsinse bashers being protective of fearful people who will supposedly be driven to unecessary and irrational panic by his theories and warnings. But what about the effects of cavalier sexism and discounting of other people's honest intentions and worried concerns. Go ahead and make boobie jokes if you want, But don't expect me to take your hoax warnings more seriously than Dutchsinse's HAARP sleuthing, because you really seem to be acting like the bigger fools in this thread.
To all the ladies,
Please forgive the sophmoric comments about breasts. Yes there is a big picture message in this movie and for the posts, up to this point, being juvenile is inexcusable. All the pissing contests taking place on this sight is also becoming quite booring and, yes, I saw this movie trailer on dutch's YT channel and this thread was not meant for dutch bashing, there are plenty of threads that have taken that path already.
Now back to the boobs, I am a heterosexual male and my love of the female form is immense, I like da ladies, and sometimes men revert back to our teenage years when we see women in the buff. If we offended you, I will apologize for my comments and hopefully the other gentlemen will as well.
Planet X visibility represents the shift ; Activation to Ascension.


We have to aplogize to women for admiring their breasts?

That's a world I don't want to live in. Bring on ascention!
and cowboys and aliens movie isnt enough. isnt it strange that battle l.a. came out on 3 11 11?
i guess not..
Adamantium, I like your thinking! Seeing planet X , as the key to transcending the veil of tears, could be a metaphor for all the tortured souls now struggling in a surreal limbo, or post modern purgatory, where the action takes place in one expanded final moment before total anihilation. We may all be searching for the key to our own demise, like ghosts haunting the world stage, within non-linear time, which adds another hyper-dimension to Clif High's Walking Dead metaphor.
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