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Full Version: What do you think? Real or fake? Illuminati website counting down.
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Counting down to 9-5-10-6-11 cryptic - September 09, 2012 13:23:33 - 35 nights

When you get to the Great Pyramid and you're asked for a password answer in response to "Who speaks with one voice, walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening", type in "human". If you ever click on the top capstone of the pyramid, you'll be taken to an electric blue/black version of the pyramid, and everything you read there is backwards! Lots of prayers to Isis, Ma'at, Osiris, Creator...and everything is backwards!

"The last day, Thursday, saw lawmakers fall short in finding agreement on two pressing problems: how to help livestock producers suffering from the widespread drought and how to protect critical industries from cyberattacks launched by terrorists or other enemies."
"Both parties said they were committed to approving a final bill when they return in September, although bridging differences in their approaches will not be easy."
This site is a few years old.

At the blue pyramid, get the password box to pop back up again and type in, namuh

this switches everything from backwards to normal.

Nothing special about the site, you won't become a member of the enlighten ones.
all I get is a clock ticking down -- currently 2hr 46m to go.

clicking the pic above revealed roman numerals but never asked for a password.
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