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Full Version: Threats Claim Nuclear Bombs Hidden All Over U.S. Possible Hoax?
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I want to just say that if this is not a hoax ,then does it coincide with NLE11?

CHICAGO (CBS 2) – The threats came in the mail and to date, there have been 25 letters that warn of nuclear bombs destroying America.

People who got them called the FBI and CBS 2′s Kristyn Hartman learned, the Bureau’s Chicago office is leading the investigation.

Attorney Tracy Rizzo was alarmed. A number of days ago, an envelope, with a Chicago postmark and a hand-written address to her private investigations firm, came in the mail.

The letter inside said, “The Al-Qaeda organization has planted 160 nuclear bombs throughout the U.S. in schools, stadiums, churches, stores, financial institutions and government buildings.” It also said, “This is a suicide mission for us.”

The writer, who claims to be Osama Bin Laden, tells the reader the nukes are remotely controlled. “It was clear the writer wanted to scare me,” said Rizzo, “Yes, it frightened me.” Rizzo was one of eight people in the Chicago area to contact the FBI.

Agencies in Oregon, California, Texas and Florida also got the letter with the Chicago postmark.

“There are items in the letter that lead us to believe it is a hoax,” said Zavala. “There are several demands documented that aren’t fully coherent.”

He said much of what’s in the message doesn’t add up, but in a post 9-11 world, the FBI can’t let it go – even if it does appear to be a hoax.

“The FBI investigates every element. We can’t take that chance,” said Zavala.

So, why the threats?

The writer alluded to how families in Afghanistan have to live. The FBI said it will find that writer, and when it does, he could face 5 to 10 years in prison for each letter mailed. Anyone who’s received a similar letter should call the FBI.

"And yeah I want to be the first to call the F.B.I.,Call them IDIOTS!!!"
Threatening letters ?!? We can't take any chances, time to drop all our nukes on the middle east!!! ;)
Here's a video about it...
Reminds me of a show that was prematurely cancelled. TV series called Jericho. Good show btw.
Jericho is a great show. I was very saddened when they re-cancelled it after bringing it back. I have both seasons of the show and I've seen them twice. I'll be watching them again sometime soon.
Jericho was an awesome show. There had to be more than the told story as to why they cancelled the show the second time when there was so much support for it. You'd think with all of that support, the show could have been sold to another studio, or something to keep it going. Fleck, did you notice in your reruns if you got any further info on how to live without electricity? That show was exactly like the thread theme because there were multiple bombs planted around the country. It makes sense why the federal govt won't close borders or enforce crossing laws. Another thing to make you go, 'hmmm'!


Hey you sheeple , FOCUS! on the Topic, look @ all of u, talking about a stupid hollywood show, Geez.
Alright, Guest. Then enlighten us with your wit and tell us how we shouldn't use things that we notice (even Hollywood shows) to learn from and adjust to reality. Go on, the spotlight is on you and we are begging for your big brain information!
wasn't this a prediction somewhere. I've read this somewhere but I can't remember where...
those who are`nt humble shall tuble to the earth murs..
wtf does that mean acegotflows?
Just makes me wonder why did they go ahead and send out letters why not just blow something up with no warning. They have never warned us before so why now?
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