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4 More Booms Felt This Morning in Clintonville - March 22, 2012



Big booms and shaking were felt along the North Carolina coast Tuesday that have some people worried. Now, folks are booming with big bang theories on what they say causes the mysterious rocking and rolling along the coast.

"Anything that can shake the houses, not just one or two houses, but a whole neighborhood and it can be heard from Southport to Bolivia and Sunset Harbor, it has to be something big," said Bolivia resident Erick Myles. Folks across the Cape Fear say the mysterious booms are back and this time they seem stronger than ever. People say they had different experiences depending on where they were at the time. "It's kind of freaky to me because I heard it but I didn't see anything," said Southport resident Jamie Hoffmann. "I didn't hear the booms but I felt shaking twice," said Boiling Spring Lakes resident Ruth Finley.

Everyone we talked to said this was not the first time they have experienced the unknown sound and shaking. Some folks even say they hear the booms every week. One thing is for sure, people say they want answers. Seismologist say nothing registered on the Richter Scale Tuesday in our area and the military says it is not responsible for the sounds or shaking. Although scientists and authorities can't seem to pinpoint where the noise is coming from, residents have their own theories. "I know that there's an explanation and it has to be military," Myles said. "The ocean," said Hoffmann. "Something with the ocean."

"I think they're earthquakes," said Finley. "Tremors." Some people we talked to said they were very concerned with the booms now that we're nearing the end of the Mayan calendar which some people believe marks the end of the world. They say the confusion surrounding the booms only builds up their theory that we're nearing the end of days.



Some in people in Savannah, Georgia, described the noise as explosions. Others called it cannon fire. Whatever it was, at least a few people are likely to attribute the mysterious sounds to a UFO.

[Image: savannahnoises.jpg]

oom noises were reported in Ashland County on Saturday night, but authorities were unable to identify the source. Residents from Jeromesville to Savannah reported hearing loud sounds around 7 p.m. "Apparently some residents, mostly around Savannah, heard what they described as loud bangs, cannon fire and in some cases, explosions," said Ashland County Sheriff's Deputy Kurt Schneider. "We sent a couple of guys up to that area to check it out and nobody saw anything at all."

He said 9-1-1 calls came in a cluster, but no further calls came later in the night. "There were no crashes, no fires, no reports of anyone being hurt," Schneider said. He said deputies responded to one residence on a tip it was the source of the noises, but an investigation proved otherwise. "We even checked the fracking site where they were doing the drilling, and it was all quiet over there, too," he said. -



[Image: barriemysterynoise.jpg]

Rob Higgins and his two sons were watching TV around 10 p.m. when a loud noise, described as jet plane breaking the sound barrier, ripped through the Wallace Drive home. "It was like a loud sonic boom. When I went outside, numerous neighbours came out to see what happened," Higgins said. "No one could see anything. Some people said it sounded like a major car crash."

At least 10 neighbours were on the street looking around in curiosity when Higgins and his family were surprised by the sound. "Originally, I thought it was some huge thing was thrown at our house. Not a car, but maybe a big barrel or something large," he said. "I went outside a realized everyone heard something and it couldn't have just been our house." Barrie police said there were no calls for service in the area at the time or reports matching a loud sound. If anyone heard the sound or knows what it is contact the Examiner at 705-726-6537, ext 282. -



Tonight, police in Montello are investigating reports of booming sounds similar to what's been reported in Clintonville this week.

Many of the people making the reports say they hadn't even heard about what was going on in Clintonville until they began researching their own problem. Patti Lekas said, "No one had an explanation." In Montello, it's the talk of the town. Lekas said, "There was a loud boom and all the windows shook. The whole house shook." A loud rumble around 5-thirty last night immediately triggered calls to the police department. Montello Police Chief Richard Olson said, "We have a lot of good, reliable sources that reported this pretty much community wide." Jean Dawidziak's son heard the boom. She says, "He was out at the farm and said mom there was this big thing, the whole house shook." Pretty much everyone we talked to in Montello says they either heard and felt this rumble themselves or they know someone who did. One person even described it like a really bad train wreck, all the cars slamming into each other at once, right where you're standing. Olson says, "They reported it almost as if it was under ground or ground level." The police chief is still trying to make sense of it.
Olson says, "We are currently investigating it. We don't have an answer at this point. We've obviously checked with our typical sources such as utility companies and anybody maybe drilling or doing construction in the area and at this point in time we don't' know what it is." Lekas says, "It would be like in the old days when you had a sonic boom and your windows rattled, but I mean it shook the entire house." For the last three days the Clintonville community has reported similar booms. Now 80 miles away in Montello they're worried they might have the same problem. Lekas says, "It's not just my imagination or a couple crazy people in town. I mean, I was thinking it was an explosion but we had no flames anywhere." But If it's anything like Clintonville it may be awhile until these people get any answers. With a chuckle, Dawidziak said, "I would like to know what it is so it's not something underground that's going to blow up and this whole city is going to be gone or something. I would like to know. " Today University of Wisconsin-Madison seismologist Harold Tobin said at this point he is not aware of any seismic readings or reports of the boom near Montello. -



In January people reported feeling serious vibrations from Sooke to Victoria, some worried it was an earthquake

That thought crossed Sharon Hanslip’s mind as well when she felt three blasts yesterday morning. The last one so severe it brought a barn on her property crashing to the ground.

Seismologists say it wasn’t an earthquake and Sooke’s mayor, Wendal Milne said he doubts it can be attributed to the company responsible for January’s blasting as it didn’t feel the same…

There is construction nearby at a new business park with heavy equipment and trucks on site. Milne says builders aren’t required to report to the municipality when and if they need to blast so he can’t say what it may have been. A Sooke mystery, he says. -




'Strange Sounds' heard GLOBALLY 2011 & 2012

ok, so maybe, just maybe this stuff is really happening...I haven't experienced it where I live, and I'm glad, just on the offshoot that it's some kind of warning signal to get the hell out of those places.
ok, I posted that and looked out of curiosity...bummer

Here's one from Houston

then of course if you google strange sounds reported, you get a lot of links to real tv reports too...pretty feasible that at least some of them are real...
check this out though:
Still sounds like some sort of scam or hoax, etc. Either the man pretending the trumpets are blowing or a network of individuals f#$%ing with us.
Feb 16, 2012

It is the shifting of the poles, and the weakening of the earths magnetic field that are causing the aurora borealis to been seen further south in the continent. At 5:22 minutes into the video is where I think the important information is, audio has more clarity.

For more information of the earths magnetic flow, and polar shift changes that may be causing the sounds it is making refer to link below.
End of the world is nigh.
(03-23-2012 05:44 AM)Fleck Wrote: [ -> ]Still sounds like some sort of scam or hoax, etc. Either the man pretending the trumpets are blowing or a network of individuals f#$%ing with us.

Perfect timing for a world wide hoax (2012 / Mayan calendar), and wouldn't be that difficult to pull off. The sounds seem man made, like in the movies. I'm not buying it as a phenomenon yet.
Dont worry guys , it's not going to happen because I dont believe it will happen !
[Image: vhxbvp.jpg]

[Image: soledadnoise.jpg]

The big boom happened at 10:51 a.m. and rattled residents in Soledad, Chualar, Pebble Beach, Carmel, Monterey, Salinas, Marina, and Seaside. Military and law enforcement officials told KSBW they are not sure what caused the explosive-like sound. Several residents said they ran outside, looked up, and spotted an extremely fast-moving military jet making a U-turn over the Carmel Valley. "Almost broke my windows, ran outside and saw a curved jet stream over Carmel Valley," resident Melinda Mayland said. With no confirmed cause of the boom, rumors about UFO's, and requests to alert X-Files TV character FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder, quickly spread through the local rumor mill. It is not unusual for U.S. Navy planes on training missions to fly out of Naval Air Station Lemoore near Visalia, Calif. and streak over south Monterey County. Their powerful engines can cause a sonic boom when they break the sound barrier.

NAS Lemoore spokeswoman Melinda Larson said three F/A-18 jets were flying Monday morning, but the pilots never accelerated faster than the speed of sound while above Monterey County. It is possible that the jets broke the sound barrier while they were over the ocean, where it's legal for them to leave sound waves in the dust. Sonic booms happen when an object zips through the air faster than the speed of sound -- about 768 miles per hour -- and creates shock waves. It's similar to how a boat sailing through the ocean creates waves in front and behind it. People on the ground hear an explosive sound when the shock waves cross their location. As of 1 p.m., air traffic controllers at Monterey Regional Airport and Salinas Municipal Airport said they were not aware of any aircraft that could have caused the boom. Local law enforcement officials said there were no explosions reported that could make a sound heard by half the Central Coast.
More Booms in Clintonville.... Louder Than Before - March 28, 2012

fracking....and more fracking
Jan 18, 2012

Strange Sounds From Earth-ELF Waves-Sound Resonance from HAARP + Animals Dying Worldwide

Some sounds bites from earthquakes to the odd sounds heard worldwide
ELF waves-Sound resonance from HAARP
We are facing another form of population control..

Finally, something that seems to connect with the noise, that we can all relate too.


Strong thunderstorms hit the Poconos Friday night, moving through shortly after 10 p.m. and continuing for at least a half hour, but the weather event that had folks talking was a loud sonic-like boom that shook houses at about 10:15 p.m. Gilda Spiotta of Long Pond said, "The shaking last night lasted unusually long. Didn't sound like thunder, didn't feel like thunder, was wondering if something happened on 380/80; tanker accident."

[Image: poconosbooms.jpg]

Another Long Pond resident, Lorene R. Allman-Mars: "My son was at the back door letting the dogs out and he reported that he saw a large flash of light fill the sky toward/above the FedEx distribution site on 940, then he heard a loud boom. It didn't look like lightning, it looked like a bomb blew up in the air. I was on the second floor of the house; I didn't see anything but I heard the boom and felt it shake the house. I actually felt it under my feet. The floors shook; I have never felt lightning shake the house like that before and we've been up here 20 years!" Some readers suggested an earthquake or an explosion, but said that definitely was no routine thunder. Meteorologist and Pocono weather expert Ben Gelber offered this explanation: "One possibility is that thunderstorms in our chilly environment near the surface tonight, associated with an inversion of warm air aloft, sound much louder." He added, "The sound waves are refracted back to the surface and reverberate in ways that we normally do not experience as they bounce between the surface and the inversion near the base of the clouds." Other residents commented from across the Poconos: "My kids and I heard the sound in Saw Creek," said Winnie Michaluk. "Our windows rattled and our dogs were barking like crazy."

Russo Albuja of Tobyhanna said, "I was driving along 196 on my way home from work when I felt the BOOM. It was so extreme, my car shook and on my left hand side on an empty field - all I saw was this HUGE flash of light coming from where the airport location would be at. Afterwards, I heard nothing. Kinda scared me that I rushed home and locked my doors." Katee McCarthy said, "Felt it here in the Tannersville area. Quite scary." As of 11 p.m., she reported lightning and sleet in the area. Tim Aziz said, "Just heard something at 10:35 in East Stroudsburg, the whole house vibrated! Yes I heard the boom, but thought it was just thunder!" said Pete Howey of Snydersville. That was the same reaction of Rosalie Ems, who said, "We heard it; just thought it was thunder rolling in with cold air against the warm air?" Some more comments from our readers: Elisabeth Foster Marshall: "Yes we did, here in Snydersville. My husband said right after "what the hell was that?!" he thought it was the furnace exploding...." Jessica Gomez of Albrightsville: "We definitely heard it and felt it! It shook the whole house. What was it?" Samantha Chevalier of Effort: "I definitely heard a loud noise and then my whole house shook, my dogs went crazy, and I smiled. I love thunder and lightning!" Pamela Dunbar: "We live in Bushkill by Timothy Lake Resort, and we heard the boom. My granddaughter came out of her room and said, 'Was that thunder?' It sounded like a bunch of huge trucks barreling down the road." James Arnold: "We live in Tobyhanna and we felt it, too. We thought it was a storm starting and shut down all our electronics. Our whole house vibrated."

Jennifer Knarr of Milford chimed in: "My husband and I were in bed watching tv when we heard this rumbling noise we thought it was thunder but it lasted a while he even got up to look outside no storms at that time here. We live in Milford on top of a mountain, sounded like a bunch of semi trucks going down our quiet street!" Laura Bush: "Yes, I felt it here in Sciota. I immediately texted my kids in their rooms, 'What the heck was that.' One said, 'I don't know, earthquake?'" JudyAnn Porter: " I live in Pocono Farms Country Club and my family and I were sitting watching TV and felt a loud bang and the house shook. We thought it was a earthquake. We got our supplies together but heard nothing else after that. Someone mentioned thunder, but thunder doesn't shake houses. Scary." Phillip Mangat: "Yeah around 10:35 I thought another meth lab went boom!!!" Jill Nobles: "It sure felt like an explosion or an earthquake to me. I am up near Wooddale, by Analomink on the top of the mountain. At 10:12-ish, my whole house shook. It knocked things off of the counters, rattled things hanging on my walls, and shook my whole house violently. We didn't sustain any damage, but the noise and the shaking were crazy. The sound was like an explosion, or a freight train in my bedroom. Not thunder." And another from Long Pond "I live in Emerald Lakes and at about 10:15p.m. I heard a loud noise and the house shook for about 5 seconds and my lights dimmed a little bit." -

[Image: ferndalebooms.jpg]

Ferndale Police are investigating what might have caused three loud booms and light flashes that shook homes and concerned many local residents Saturday night.

The booms were heard around 9:30-10 p.m. and may have originated near the area of Hilton and Marshall. More than 40 people posted on Ferndale Patch's Facebook page about the incidents — describing flashes of light seen in the sky, their homes vibrating with the noise, and helicopters heard overheard following the sounds.

A Ferndale Police dispatcher said last night at 12:30 a.m. that they investigated the noise but could not find its cause. He said fireworks were a possibility. Ferndale Police Lt. Casey O'Loughlin said Sunday morning that he was not aware of any reports made but said loud booms can be caused by fireworks. "That's usually what loud booms turn out to be are fireworks," he said. In Ferndale, any type of fireworks that explode or leave the ground are illegal, he said. O'Loughlin said he was not aware of any helicopters being sent out. Here's what some Patch readers had to say about the noise:

Agnes: I'm at W. Marshall and Pinecrest and we heard them. The first one shook my house too. I also heard low flying helicopters. Once, right before the first and loudest boom and then once again after the third "boom". I went outside a couple of times . . . but nothing seemed to be going on. I wonder what happened?

Cindy: There's absolutely no way those were fireworks to shake people's houses all over town, first of all...and, this is the 3rd or 4th time we've heard/felt some type of 'explosion' with absolutely no explanation from police at all. When/how are we going to get an answer!?

Chris: I was inside the New Way...didn't hear anything due to the music, but noticed a very bright flash of light out the window. It did not look like any fireworks I have ever seen...much brighter.

Melissa: I was at the stop spot on 9 mile we saw the sky light up three times. It looked like lightening, twice south of 9 once north of 9 the booms followed. It absolutely did not sound like fireworks.

A "thud" and even "three roar" were heard in heaven Bigouden Wednesday night. A phenomenon that remains unexplained and apparently he has repeated last night from north to south of Finistere. And also in Côtes d'Armor and Morbihan. But where do these sounds?

[Image: mysterioushum.JPG]

"A sound as if a deaf child was stamping his feet on the wall of the neighbor. " Testimonials are legions Bigouden. But not only. Combrit Chateauneuf-du-Faou through Briec, Quimper, Plogastel-Saint-Germain, Pont l'Abbé, Tréméoc, Cockles, Plobannalec-Lesconil or Clohars-Fouesnant, many people on Wednesday to 21h, were intrigued by the phenomenon. Alluded to here "the house (who) just shake three times." We're talking about "three strong rumblings" that "have rattled houses" and even "small awakened." Some, meanwhile, heard "muffled explosions" while others are convinced that this is "an earthquake".

Neither earthquake, nor maneuver.
Contacted yesterday, the central office Seismological French (BCSF) states have nothing abnormal registered in this area. And for its size, Chateauneuf-du-Faou Clohars-Fouesnant, the blasts and aftershocks felt "were enregistréess'il was an earthquake, at least three forces". In 2005, Bigoudens remember, an earthquake on the fault south Armorican and a magnitude 3 on the Richter scale had caused the same feelings. What then of these explosions heard and felt? An air-borne? Regional Centre of Western navigation, it is shown not to record this kind of phenomenon.

So, it is with the military that the eyes are. Moreover, some also said they heard a helicopter. Preceded, it is true, "three thumps" recalling "the thunder". One thinks of the aircraft. When questioned, the communications department of the Brest Maritime Prefecture said that there was no Navy operation and even less involving helicopters. Side of the Joint Staff of the area of ​​defense and security northwest (OGZDS), it is formal. Not operating, "no supersonic flight." Bizarre. Especially in March2003, three earthquakes had already hit the Bigouden ... The phenomenon was also remained unexplained. - (Translated)
Why doesn't MY world ever rumble? :'(

Ronery, oh so ronery...

Residents and police officers in the aptly named town of Baraboo, Wisconsin have reported hearing weird booming noises accompanied by bright flashes of light, paralleling the experiences of people in the town of Clintonville 130 miles to the north.

[Image: mysterioushum.JPG]

Authorities are baffled at the weird phenomena, and have ruled out lightning strikes or transformer blowouts as explanations for what people are witnessing. “We don’t know if we have Clintonville going on here or what,” said Baraboo Police Chief Mark Schauf told the Baraboo News Republic. Residents started reporting the booms in the early hours of Sunday morning at 1am, with posters on the town’s public service Facebook page also saying they heard the same thing, including strange bright flashes of light that preceded the booms. A Baraboo police officer noted in his report, “I observed a large flash of light followed by a ‘boom,’” I advised dispatch of this information and my belief that it was possibly a transformer.” However, when Sauk County Sheriff’s Department contacted Alliant Energy, the company confirmed there had been no power outages in the area. 45 minutes later, a deluge of reports then flooded in from residents across the city about a second flash followed by a huge boom.

Stormy weather was also ruled out as a potential explanation. “There doesn’t appear to have been any t-storms in that area Sunday morning,” said Ed Townsend, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Sullivan office. “I can’t think of anything else (weather-related) that would lead to a flash.” Strange bright flashes of light were observed during the earthquake that devastated Fukushima last year in Japan. Three separate Wisconsin towns have all now reported hearing strange booming noises over the course of the last few weeks. Residents of the town of Montello, 80 miles away from Clintonville and 42 miles north of Baraboo, also reported hearing the sounds last month. Residents in Clintonville have been skeptical of claims that a “swarm of earthquakes” are responsible for the noises, noting Wisconsin’s lack of previous seismic activity and the fact that the booms were first reported before the USGS said the earthquakes began. Debate has raged over a number of alternative explanations, including CO2 sequestration storage, which has been documented to cause “small to moderate earthquakes,” improper disposal of wastewater from a natural gas fracking operation (also documented to cause earthquakes), or more exotic explanations such as the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) or secret underground military tunneling.
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