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Full Version: Hillary Clinton Western Intervention In War Almost Standard Thing For USA
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Mar 14, 2012

The Assad government has scheduled Parliamentary elections for the seventh of May. Russia is praising the move, but says change and reforms are long overdue. On the ground, Syrian troops have overrun another flashpoint city - Idlib, pushing back armed rebels.

Opposition activists claim the area's now become the scene of a crackdown, while the government's hailing victory against what it calls foreign-funded terrorism. Rebel political leaders have confirmed they've been promised more weapons from abroad.

Meanwhile, the international community is still unable to reach consensus on how to act. London-based political analyst Chris Bambery comments.

This very same thing occurred in Libya, which is why it was a rush for the U.S. to go without approval into Libya. Will it happen again with Syria now that the so called rebels are losing?

Aug 10, 2010

Hillary Clinton Explains How Getting What's Necessary Might Mean Giving The Bad Guys Now
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