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Full Version: He's got this one right...except
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...I wouldn't call for revolution. Just stick with like minded people and defend yourself and your family as necessary.

I think he may need another cup of coffee. Just joking, I understand what he is getting at and his is right. We just need to do rather than rant about it. This will only serve to get you on some sort of list. I know, we are making our own lists, but really who is this going to sway? Don't warn, don't preach, don't e-mail your friends....Just Do!
Goldman Sachs

Mar 8, 2012

This film takes a look at the Goldman Sachs takeover and how we even got that far.
Analysts speak out around the world of the corruption of Goldman Sachs

Revolutions have never worked. we need Solutions.
Gotta love his enthusiasm

(03-17-2012 11:28 AM)Informant101 Wrote: [ -> ]Revolutions have never worked. we need Solutions.

The American revolution worked until 1913 when the IRS and Federal Reserve came into being. After that is was mostly downhill from there.
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