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Full Version: Anonymous: To the South African people
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Mar 18, 2011

Message from Anonymous to the people of South Africa in support of the Taking Back South Africa 2011 Movement. Has Anonymous been behind the people of Africa. Are they fighting back like the Libyan's did when they realized who the rebels really are?

Is that why the U.S. needs to send in troops? To protect the ones that are there in covert operations?

Are the people gaining control, and is that why the Kony 2012 campaign was necessary, so that the U.S. can invade?

Anonymous tried to warn people of this very thing a year ago!

2 words:
Reverse aparthied.

I can't get a job in my country because I am white.

Also, we have the neighboring countries pouring across our borders.
70% of people in South Africa are refugees from the rest of Africa.
To solve South Africa you have to solve the problems of the other countries.
Also, black South Africans are even loosing jobs to the refugees.

Apartheid was created in fear of South Africa turning into the dump that most of Africa has become.
Was it right? of course not.
But that doesn't excuse the current government doing the same thing via BEE.

My friends, who are Black, appose BEE as they get the feeling they are getting
the jobs because they are black instead of being qualified for the job.
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