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Full Version: Mass Rapes By Military Soldiers On Civilian & Military Women At War - Gov. Cover -Up
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Jan 27, 2012

Mass-rape of women children by American soldiers

Jan 27, 2012

US troops rape 14yr old girl and murder her and her family.

Dec 28, 2009


Dec 18, 2009

Rape in the ranks: Female US soldiers raped by comrades fight war on two fronts

Some American female troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan have had to fight another, more private battle. Besides the physical and psychological hardships of war, they've also had to face the trauma of sexual abuse from male comrades. And very few victims report the crime, as RTs Marina Portnaya reveals.

Nov 12, 2008

On July 19, 2005, Army Private First Class, LaVena Johnson was found dead in Balad, Iraq. Her body was found in a tent belonging to the private military contractor KBR.

Aug 2, 2008

Congress takes on the Department of Defense in the first oversight hearing held this year by the subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs on sexual assault in the military. Some House members are accusing the DOD of a cover up.

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