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Full Version: Ron Paul Openly Calls GOP Election Fraud
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Mar 11, 2012

It is now official. The mainstream media is no longer covering Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.

A few weeks ago Dylan Byers of Politico reported that NBC News was the only media organization that still had a reporter covering Ron Paul full-time.

Now Byers has filed an update revealing that Anthony Terrell of NBC News has also been reassigned.

Ron Paul calls "FRAUD" say's Romney tied to Goldman Sachs, and Obama
Mar 15, 2012

It seems the mass media has given up on one of the GOP candidates, Ron Paul. Texas Congressman Ron Paul has accumulated a huge and loyal following but has been given the shaft when it comes to news coverage. NBC was the only network who had one embedded journalist following Paul on the campaign trail but recently that reporter was pulled. So why is Paul being ignored? Charlie McGrath, founder of, joins us for more on the Ron Paul media blackout.

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