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PHOENIX ( CNN, CNN breaking news, and Anderson Cooper have been caught red handed creating staged CNN war room scenarios regarding Syria and other stories that are simply manufactured Hollywood news designed to dupe the ignorant masses of America and the world into believing war propaganda. Damning footage has emerged of ‘Syria Danny’ – the dubious “activist” who appears on mainstream news each and every week begging for a US or Israeli military invasion – in which he apparently coordinates gunfire and explosions to be staged during his interview with CNN.
Not only is this a "Great Informative Thread", it also is one that can be shared with the sheeple. I wonder what they will say? Had to re-post with so that it continues to be told.
The wailing in the background sonds like a sampler-synth.

And could this be a partial Web Bot hit? Havent we had several such "secrets revealed", involving "media whores" lately?!...
I cound not have said it better than Doug Wead said it.....

"There is NO more News, it's ALL Entertainment"

"Shows how much CNN cares bout " victims" Libyan Rebels STILL murdering Africans and others , that's a FACT . U.S. media in unison STOPPED covering LIBYA , that's a FACT .
Only ones to benefit U.S. / NATO policy not Americans who are fed stream of propaganda or censored Info like Africans being tortured and murdered covered up by complicit CNN FOX NBC , that don't work for YOU , just U.S. POLICY .... it's all propaganda !"
March 2012

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