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Full Version: BREAKING: Obama Moves G8 Summit From Chicago to Camp David Bill Cooper Warned Us...
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UPDATE: NATO summit remains in Chicago, G8 moves to Camp David,.. I will be posting why I think this is a bad idea, and the possibility for two false flags is in the air..
Great catch Italianlad69!

What an amazing world we live in today.

Everyone is searching and anticipating another false flag event. It seems like the corrupted government has run out of storylines.
Ok, so without jumping to conclusions (I know it's hard for me lol) I wanted people to be made aware of something that William Cooper said, regarding Camp David... on 9/11:

Was Camp David ALWAYS an intended target?

Here's part 1.. listen to it through

Here's part 3 listen from 8:00 onward..
Thanks Nick, and Hell yeah, that's because history repeats itself.
You see, the Group of 8 Nations has moved from Chicago, but NATO hasn't. This is why I believe Chicago is the PRIME target of a false flag, as I said in my previous post, watch them cancel the summits:

But they didn't cancel them, they took the G8 (International leaders) and moved THEM, out of the hot spot, the same day Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Obama at the White House (Today)...

Here is the "official" reason why Obama moved the G8 out of Chicago

"The isolated, high-security facility will also make it much tougher for anti-globalization or Occupy Wall Street protesters to get anywhere near the leaders or to cause widespread disruption."

Does that sound like a viable reason to you, considering that the NATO and ISF summits remain in Chicago to deal with all of those Occupy protesters.. something doesn't add up..
Even on the day it happened Bill Cooper had it all figured out... fantastic insight. That's why he was killed.
I think you got this one ITlad....this year is defenitely gone have it's share of just hasn't really started yet.
(03-05-2012 10:06 PM)Tony Chims Wrote: [ -> ]I think you got this one ITlad....this year is defenitely gone have it's share of just hasn't really started yet.

I feel the same... It's like constantly riding the current through the calming eye of the storm right now... Who knows when, but the Chess Board is set up. Who's going to make the first move?
March 05, 2012

The official statement from the White House. Camp David is the only place where they can ensure security. The times they are a changing, and the elite are losing the same privileges that many have from economic status have for a long time. As the truth continues to come out, and things continue to unravel the 1% will forced behind walls, because it will be the only place that is safe. The times..... they are a changing.
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