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Full Version: FED Governor Kevin Warsh & Who Was He Really Working For?
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President George W. Bush has nominated a bright 35 year old white, White House aide and Republican , Kevin Warsh to the Federal Reserve (Average age of these wise men =58). Notice as you read the article that there are links in each paragraph. They have all been removed except one. Why? Must have been to much transparency, and the truth is trying to be covered up everyday. If you have information that you can add to this thread, please do.

Nirosoft Industries Ltd.

Industrial Park Galram, P.O.Box 259
Carmiel 20101 Israel

ยป A subsidiary of: RWL, LLC

RWL is a holding company created by Ronald S. Lauder. Based in New York, RWL is focused on building a global business that uses advanced water purification and recycling technologies to meet the growing demand for clean water. RWL utilizes a proactive marketing effort based on the excellence of its installed products.

RWL targets small to medium-sized markets, where its packaged water purification systems can provide clean water at an affordable price to municipal authorities, industrial companies, and military forces.

Israel keeping U.S. government power & contracts all in the family. Amazing the jobs you can get when you know somebody. Wikipedia fails to mention his family hmmmm....
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