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Full Version: New asteroid threat?
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I cant stop laughing...

"A spaceship is needed, experts agree. It could shoot the rock down or just crash into it, either breaking the asteroid into debris or throwing it off course.
“We could paint it,” says NASA expert David Dunham.
Paint would affect the asteroid’s ability to reflect sunlight, changing its temperature and altering its spin. The asteroid would stalk off its current course, but this could also make the boulder even more dangerous when it comes back in 2056, Aleksandr Devaytkin, the head of the observatory in Russia’s Pulkovo, told Izvestia."
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{{Wipes tear from eye}} Hahahaha Yeah we should paint some purdy picutres on it so we all can feel good about dying!!!
I agree, it is laughable. Fear mongering is such a great distraction tool. Sheeple eat it up.

If something like this was a true threat, you would not hear/know about it until after it happened.
I know, Right!! lol

I am guessing that TPTB might have some sort of drawing to see who's art work will be featured on this massive rock (which will cost global tax payers Trillions) as long as we promise not to use lead paint. They would hate for anything to die of lead poisoning as that massive rock slams into the Earth killing everything!! lmao
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