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Full Version: Reward For Information On Who Murdered CEO John Laubach
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

John Laubach was a general partner in a company called "Neville Development." The news was so vague on information about this man, and his death is are more mysterious than Breitbarts.

Looks like someone stole John Laubach's money, and was there a possibility that he was going to disclose some information that might have taken someone down? Who stole money from Johns estate that was left to him by his father?

The question now is, did John leave a will, and who will own the corporation?

(McKees Rocks Industrial Enterprise)

McKees Rocks Industrial Enterprises, Inc. has a location in McKees Rocks, PA. Active officers include John Laubach, Richard Jonlia, Brian Lind.

Bulk materials storage and distribution terminal served by truck, rail, and barge. The facility has its own on-site switching railroad, the Pittsburgh, Allegheny and McKees Rocks Railroad. ,

The Pressed Steel Car Company ran one of America's major railroad car plants on this site between 1899 and 1949. In its early years, the plant was nicknamed "The Slaughterhouse" and "The Last Chance" because of its deadly working conditions. Do you think they got the contract for the FEMA trains?

The largely Slavic immigrant workforce went on strike in 1909; violence between strikers and law enforcement on the "Bloody Sunday" of August 22 resulted in at least 12 deaths.

James Lind is CEO of the McKees Rocks Industrial & connected to a shadow company called Mire Gate Guard, that seems to not have any history. Laundering money??? If I were investigating this case, Mr. Lind would be on the suspect list. People seem to have no problem killing, when it threatens all they have plotted for by means of lies and deception.
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