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Full Version: EXTREME DAMAGE - 67 Deadly Tornadoes Decimates Midwest!
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A spokesman for Kentucky's governor says that five people have died in severe weather in that state, bringing the death toll from Friday's storms around the country to at least 13 people. Terry Sebastian, a spokesman for Gov. Steve Beshear, says the people were killed in two different counties as the state was raked by a tornado-spawning weather system.

At least eight people died Friday in Indiana where tornadoes pummeled small towns in the southern part of the state. The band of powerful storms stretching from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes is the second deadly tornado outbreak this week. UNDATED - Indiana authorities say at least three people have been killed by tornadoes that struck the southern portion of the state.

Officials say houses are missing near the small town of Chelsea, Ky. And the National Weather Service says there has been "extreme damage" in Henryville, a town of about 1,000 people just north of the Kentucky border. A law enforcement official also says the town of Marysville is "completely gone."

Just to the east, in Kentucky, an apparent tornado flattened a volunteer fire station. Dozens of homes were damaged in Alabama and Tennessee. The violent weather struck two days after storms killed 13 people in the Midwest and South. In the Chattanooga, Tenn., area, at least 20 homes were badly damaged and six people were hospitalized after strong winds and hail lashed the area.

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March is a bad month for these storms in the mid-west. Change of seasons battle between cold and warm air. Serious storms can develop! Why I'll always live in a house with a basement.

April 13, 1852 New Harmony - 16 dead
May 14, 1886 Anderson - 43 dead
March 23, 1913 Terre Haute - 21 dead
March 23, 1917 New Castle - 21 dead
March 28, 1920 Allen through Wayne counties - 39 people killed by 3 tornadoes
April 17, 1922 Warren through Delaware counties - 14 dead
March 18, 1925 Tri-State tornado - 70 dead
March 26, 1948 Vigo to Jay counties - 20 dead
May 11, 1949 Sullivan and Clay counties - Coatsville destroyed, 14 dead
April 11, 1965 Palm Sunday Outbreak - 11 tornadoes hit 20 counties, 137 dead
April 3, 1974 Super Outbreak - 21 tornadoes hit 39 counties, 47 dead
March 10, 1986 8 tornadoes hit central and southern 9 counties, 1 dead, 48 injured
June 2, 1990 31 counties hit by 37 tornadoes, 8 dead, 220 injured

Between 1950 and 1994 Indiana recorded 886 tornadoes that produced 1,025 touch downs and generated $1.6 billion in property damage.
I live in southwest Ohio & those crazy storms/tornadoes hit all around me! My area was spared the brunt of it! I agree with JPM.. This Neck of the woods is prone to violent/wild storms that can & will wipe your community off the map. My heart goes out to all those who were affected by yesterday's storms.
If you or your loved ones want to donate to any clean up/recovery efforts, please make sure that you are doing so threw a legit agency.. It seems that a few ppl have that Rahm Emanuel mindset, & are determined to not allow a good crisis to go to waste!!
Grief, resilience after storms rip through states, killing 37.

(CNN) -- With dozens dead, scores of buildings reduced to rubble and some communities all but obliterated, residents of the Midwest and South begin the week Sunday assessing the devastation wrought by a series of vicious tornadoes.

The massive outbreak began Friday and extended into the next day, eventually affecting about 17 million people from Indiana to Georgia.

By the time the powerful storm system faded, 37 were killed: 18 in Kentucky, 14 in Indiana, three in Ohio and one each in Alabama and Florida.

"It's like a bomb went off and everything is splintered, bricks are down and trees, and (there's) just a lot of debris," Ohio Gov. John Kasich said after visits to Moscow and Bethel.

Many miles and many states away, others described similar scenes.

With power still out Saturday in many of the worst hit areas, daylight provided the best opportunity to glimpse the extent of the damage.

Piles of concrete and wood remained strewn across the landscape of what used to be homes. Tall, once sturdy trees littered the ground. Bright yellow school buses smashed into buildings. Garbage bins and wooden beams, which had flown through the air like a jet airliner, resurfaced hundreds of yards away.

The center of West Liberty, Kentucky, transformed into an eerie ghost town after a twister ripped through buildings and flipped police cars along Main Street.

"There ain't nothing left of this town. It's just a tragedy," resident David Wilson said.

In Henryville, Indiana, about 20 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky, an EF-4 tornado -- with sustained winds of between 166 mph and 200 mph, putting it in the top 2% of tornadoes in terms of its strength -- struck a school complex headon.

National Weather Service meteorologists credited the early dismissal of students for preventing "scores of fatalities."
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