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Full Version: Russia BACKS DOWN! Agrees To U.S./Israeli Invasion In Iran/Syria ?
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Russia turns its back on Iran and Syria, giving the green light for a military invasion while freezing Iran embassy accounts.

Russia has backed away from is hardline stance of standing behind Iran and Syria against a western military invasion, following weeks of warnings to respect the sovereignty of those nations.

Iran’s state TV is reporting that Russian has frozen Iranian bank accounts at the same time Russian officials change their stance on Syria, back the UN and saying they will not intervene against a military invasion.

Press TV quotes Russia foreign ministry spokesman saying the freezing of the accounts may be due to Russia bowing to EU sanctions against Iran, but more than likely western forces have negotiated a deal with Russia behind the scenes to get their approval to sack Syria and Russia.

Not only has Russia taken an about face from their hardline stance of telling the US and its allies to keep their hand off Iran, they are now openly giving the go ahead for a military invasion of Syria calling the government the ‘Assad Titanic’ while referring to him as a dead man who will soon be in a coffin.

With Russia now abandoning Iran and Syria, the US can work on the prerequisites of invading Iran – taking out Syria.

Here’s a round up of the news.

Bloomberg reports Russia has announced backing the UN stance on Syria while quoting Russia’s leaders as referring to the Assad leadership as the “Titanic” and calling Assad a dead man...

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Does this make any sense at all?
There are now only 4 nations on the world left without a Rothschild controlled central bank: Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Cuba.
Libya used to be the 5th.
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