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Full Version: United States & The Crimes Against Humanity They Have Created In Libya
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Mar 1, 2012

No words need to be spoken.

March 2, 2012

The only country on the continent of Africa, that had the capability of making change. Bombed, destroyed, and now thanks to the United States, U.K. & NAT0 they have created crimes beyond the comprehension of a man.

This is a video, of something that would not have occurred under the regime of Col. Gaddaffi. Where is the U.S. now? What is happening here is a direct result of the U.S. attack on Libya.

Shame, shame, and more shame. The words "Proud To Be An American" seem to not have much meaning after seeing what my country has done to another.

Is this what Obama calls democracy, and as an American, do you condone this? If Obama were over there he would be sitting right next to one of these guys. He is black, and the message in the video rings loud and clear!!
Jan 14, 2012

Today being black in Libya is not a good thing. Under Qaddafi life was not like this for blacks. The better world Obama has made for the people. This video show a black man beaten and then shot for being black in Libya. The sad thing about it is an old Libyan man does his best to keep the rebels from shooting the black man.

The blood of this man is on every human being that caused this to happen. Where is Obama now that real crimes against humanity are happening in Libya. Oh, that's right, there are crimes against humanity happening in Syria.

Time to go bomb, rape, and pillage there. Street gangs created by the government.

Jan 20, 2012

Blacks in Libya accuse Al Jazeera News of publishing reports that they are mercenaries. These reports are causing many blacks to be killed in Libya because they are thought to be mercenaries.

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