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Full Version: Burning Of The Koran Backfiring On Illuminati Plans In Afghanistan
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As the men in uniform start waking up to see that nothing is what it seems, many are getting tired, and no longer fight for the government, but are truly fighting for the people of the U.S..

Was the burning of the Koran not on the list of of things to do? This has created chaos, where chaos was not intended. The plan to control Afghanistan is unraveling

CBS tells the story well after RT News published it on Feb 24, 2012.

Obviously what was said in the video was right on and things have escalated out of control so bad, CBS is reporting it now. Expect something to be announced this week by the White House.

Koran burning ignited powder keg in Afghanistan March 2, 2012 9:03 AM

The surprising thing is only that the Obama administration, which recently began to show a certain itchiness of its own -- speeding up withdrawal dates and lowering the number of forces left behind -- remains remarkably mired in its growing Afghan disaster.

Besieged by demonstrators there, and at home by Republican presidential hopefuls making hay out of a situation from hell, its room to maneuver in an unraveling, increasingly chaotic situation seems to grow more limited by the day.
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