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Full Version: Mysterious plume blankets Kewalo Basin, Honolulu
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A mysterious cloudy substance is emptying into Kewalo Basin from a storm drain at an alarming rate.

The mystery plume started pouring into Kewalo Basin before sunrise."It was like 5:30 in the morning and I was standing here and then all of a sudden it came all at one time," said Robert St. Romain of Sashimi Fishing Tours. At first light he and other boat owners were stunned by the free flowing plume that turned the water white. "Just was coming out here like crazy just like you see it right now and it muddied the whole harbor in a matter of five minutes."

[Image: the-fog-original-movie-poster1.jpg]
Underlying volcanic rock will not be the only reason that silt volcanoes form. Wherever there are artesian springs, with water welling-up on account of an obstruction of one type or another, then the conditions are going to be right for these silt volcanoes to form.

I am told by an earthquake expert (whom I will acknowledge once I get permission to use his name) that silt volcanoes are common with earthquakes, and that it is caused by “high temporary pore water pressures and weakening of soil due to shaking”.

Big sized earthquake prediction 19th to 28th of march 2012

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