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Full Version: TOKYO ALERT SEVERE SMOKE @ FUKU 2.28.2012
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Japan is just the beginning. There are so many nuclear reactors in the United States, and around the world. The major problem will be clean air, water, and food. The elites know that soon the nuclear waste from these facilities will be beyond their capacity to contain.

It will be the radiation in the air, not someone stealing your food, that will be the biggest problem. That is why so many underground facilities are being built. There will be a need to move to a safer spot, which in this case will be below ground.

How long? No one will know until the time comes. Are you really ready???

The FRONTLINE documentary presents the viewer with an entire film filled with information-packed scene after scene, and uses many video clips not aired in the United States on national television which pull the audience into the plant as it experiences the world’s first nuclear meltdown at multiple reactors.
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