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Full Version: Worst F.B.I. Top Official Lost Three Law Suits Terrorizing Innocent People
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Jerry Atlansky

Tue Feb 21, 2012

When Ronald C. Ruecker was Supt. Oregon State Police from 2099 to 2006 he
broke up peaceful protesters that were against Pres. Bush and pepper sprayed, hit them with batons and arrested them. The anti-protesters were not harmed at all. The Secret Service
and Ruecker were suied and lost.

During many months from 2005 to 2006 a female trooper of Oregon State Police was sexually
harrased by a male trooper and he told her to give him oral sex, which said NO. The attacks
became physical as he started to rape her on duty in uniform, but she won the fight. In reporting the problems their supervisor investigated and he sustained that the male trooper oral sex attempt was sustained. As top official Ruceker made sure the supervisor was reassigned and no protection for the female trooper so she resigned and filed a civil suit case and she won.

In 2007 Ruecker became Director of Safety for Sherwood Police Bureau in Oregon and illegally
took away Police Chief Middleton's authority as he returned form Irag War as a reserveist,
so the Middleton suied Roucker for breaking a federal law protecting returning military from exactly what he did and yes again he lost the case.


Program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcment

Rise In Police Brutality USA TODAY Dec. 18, 2007

Jerry Atlansky Oregon Senate Bill 111 Police Use Of Deadly Physical Force

The only law in the nation that stops officers that start to violate a citizens rights.

Contact Ruecker at The F.B.I. Office and tell him to quit today.
His only goal is to have Americans have the "Fear Of God!"

Future Success,

Jerry Atlansky
Portland, Oregon
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