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Full Version: Spiderman type Mutant Spiders in Nuclear Power Plants ???
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Quote:DC Bureau: Report of “a possibly new and weird kind of spider that thrives in radioactive cooling pools”

[Image: webs.jpg]

When you pour, for more than 50 years, radioactive material into a 300 square mile area of South Carolina that is a glorified swamp, strange things are going to happen. Now it appears SRS has a monster mystery on its radioactive hands.

Stumpy the SRS alligator has some serious competition – possibly a new breed of spider that thrives in highly radioactive cooling ponds. A spider web like substance found in cooling pools caused enough concern that SRS officials filed a report with the Defense Facilities Safety Board. The Daily Mail reports a possibly new and weird kind of spider that thrives in radioactive cooling pools may be responsible for making webs among the most dangerous of SRS’s nuclear waste.

Follow-up to: Paper: Strange growth discovered on spent fuel could be "biological in nature" -- White, stringlike material resembles spider web
Can you say twilight zone! What is the effect of the radiation to these creatures, and the white spider like fungus could even be another life form. Who knows? Technology seems to roll forward without a clue to consequences that may occur in future events.

As seen in reports posted on "Realist News," we have reports of fish with high amounts of cesium, a nuclear plant leaking for years, Ft. Calhoun that is still shut down, and staying out of the news.

The earthquakes in Ohio have been traced to fracking. The injection of waste and chemicals into the ground. (your aquifers) Injecting this waste into the earth, is like a heroin addict getting bad crack.

Look at your planet!!! They are killing it. How long will the people stand by an watch?
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