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Full Version: California District Is Doing Unannounced Door-to-Door Vaccines
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A school district in California took a healthcare employee with a news crew around to make sure all the kids had their vaccinations. You can see in the video they applied pressure to parents to vaccinate the children on the spot. A mother told the worker to “Get the f— out!”

They chose to do this right in the middle of the district’s budget crisis. And guess who doesn’t vaccinate his kids? See the video below.

Remember the article about Malawai children being vaccinated at gunpoint? That started with “health surveillance assistants” going into town and door-to-door. Think it can’t happen here?

click above link to see video and read more.
The vaccinated children love you Brittany. Thx again Brittany for acknowledging all we do. I wear Brittany's thumbs down with a badge of Honor.
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