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Full Version: Anonymous Attacks Oakland: Hacker Group Posts City Officials' Private Info.Online
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On Tuesday morning, Oakland officials woke to find themselves the latest target of international hacktivist group Anonymous when the group posted private information online.

Anonymous highlighted the brutality at the Occupy Oakland protests and the allegedly unreasonable salaries of top officials in the light of recent budget cuts as motives behind the hack.

The post included details like phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, salary information (Deanna Santana apparently pulls in $273,000), family information, website administration IDs and property value information.

It also included some less-than-flattering accompanying notes, like the one outlining the rape charges against Council Member Ignacio De Le Fuente's son.



Quote:Targeted in the attack were Mayor Jean Quan,

Chief of Police Howard Jordan,

Oakland City Administrator Deanna Santana,

City Attorney Barbara Jean Parker,

and City Council Members Jane Brunner,

Patricia Kernighan,

Nancy Nadel,

Libby Schaaf,

Ignacio De La Fuente,

Desley Ann Brooks

and Laurence Reid.

Councilmember at Large Rebecca Kaplan was spared, and a note by her name read,

"Thank you for your support and being a true leader in the community."
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