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Full Version: Western Power & Covert Operations On Secret War In Syria
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British, Qatari troops already waging secret war in Syria? Ali Rizk, a Middle East expert talking live to RT from Beirut, described the UK and Qatari intervention as a sign of “how desperate the anti-Assad forces have become.”

“After the Russian veto dealt a severe blow to their agenda, now they are in a state of desperation where they’ll probably stop at nothing to try and regain the momentum again,” said Rizk.

He then linked the refusal of pockets of the opposition forces to negotiate unless Assad falls as part of a Western agenda to remove a political obstacle to their interests in the region.

“For the West it’s not about negotiations; it’s about overthrowing a regime which is part of a border block which Western powers want to get rid of.”

“The political stance is that if we overwhelm Assad we’ve dealt a severe blow to Iran’s presence and Hezbollah, two of Israel’s staunch enemies.”
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