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Full Version: Robotic 'Mule,' DARPA's LS3 Model, May Aid Soldiers (VIDEO)
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By: InnovationNewsDaily Staff
Published: 02/08/2012 12:00 PM EST on InnovationNewsDaily

U.S. troops who carry as much as 100 pounds of gear could soon get a robotic mule capable of shouldering their burdens in the toughest terrain. Such a robot recently showed how it can follow a person and navigate around trees and rocks while climbing a hill in its first outdoor test — but it might someday follow spoken commands like a huge, obedient dog.

Wait until they are used to track down people. Can you see the "Matrix" on the horizon?
Yeah this is bad, weird, bizarre but not new.
check this out from Boston Dynamics:

Maybe they will send this to kill people?? just saying.....
Future killing machines, Terminators.
or maybe they will arm this machines with pillows so we can have pillow fights
Imagine the movie: Robots versus Rebels.

-How heavy shells does it take to take down a robot dog?

Imagine the sucess, the game?!

The robot factories are built, the gaming halls, the bookmakers arrive.

Some want to live for real, they go to join the rebels. The game is on.

Imagine the reality.
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