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Full Version: Wood burning stoves.
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Some counties in Sweden are now beginning to tighten the rules for it's installation and use.

I have said it for years that the government would start to look into this (because alot of energy tax money is being "lost" ).

25 % of Swedens villas (1 family buildings) are heated primarily with firewood. This has been growing every year for the last 10 years because of the energy prices. Appx 10 Billion SEK ($1.7 Billion) is lost in energy taxes every year because of this. Most Firewood sales is made in cash without VAT and energy taxes.

I knew it was only a matter of time, from Jan 1 2012, anyone who installes a wood/coal burning stove without permission is fined 11000 SEK ($2000). The permission is only a paper that the government has to sign (and they always do) which costs $300 (2000 SEK).

The clampdown on wood burning stoves has begun as i've predicted. Sweden is very cool andwe need this energy source. There are safe ways around this and i will teach every Swede if i have to..

/ fred
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