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Full Version: Does Fema Know Something We Don't?..
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Apparently, if the next-to-impossible occurs, guns are still a no go for citizens...according to FEMA..
The verbage is amusing. Cut from that article:

"It's madness," exclaimed Joe Bob McHenry, owner of McHenry's Gun and Rifle in Centerville, PA. "All sorts of people are coming to the range - grandmas and grandpas, a reverend from the church across the street. Heck, we have even had folks tryin' to bring children as young as seven to fire a gun. People have gone nuts."

Major Trotter has a warning for these citizens. "I have seen great damage done when the public takes firearms into their own hands," he said as he shook his head. "Unless people have extensive training, they need to leave this to the local police and militia."

Here's some news for you Major Trotter... I AM the ***** militia!
Total PR hit piece this is though! They got everyone on board too, like the gun shop owner calling citizens crazy. I'll break it down..

I majored in psychology in college, specifically drug and chemical dependency. Anyhow, this article is complete BS.

See, if they can convince folks, that you don't need a gun in an extraordinary set of circumstances, then you don't need one in a real life based situation, that would ordinarily call for one (ie., a home invader)

But notice the mirrored psychology behind it... THEY THINK we're the zombies, because they assume we're going to believe this! Literary zombies don't exist, but the Establishment is so arrogant, that they might assume we think it's possible.

It's an attempt at making us feel empowered by saying "you don't want to use a gun, the noise will attract the hoard of zombies" or "David defeated mighty Goliath with a slingshot" lmao, and it seems to be attractive to survivalist types, but here's the news:

Zombies have nearly zero brain power, in all the literature, but the man (who IS alive) who's trying to break into my home, he has a brain...and probably a GUN!...hold on while I grab some rocks and prep my slingshot :/

It's lunacy..
Its not a real article... click on the authors name - he's into fantasy football. zombie/weaponry isn't even on FEMA's website. I wonder what his agenda really is. To belittle people who prep and mislead the weak minded.
Yeah you must have been responding when I was. It's a fake article? Yeah if that's the case, then as I said above, there's a reason for it! With all the crap news out there anyway, a large majority of it is BS, but they have their reasons for writing articles like this one. Peace
They are not ready for zombies at all...

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=457255&d=1328724473]
^^This. What ashame lol. Now does that mean they're not prepared for us?.. >:]>
Never surrender your guns. The guns is the only thing that keeps the government from attacking right now.
from our cold dead hands?
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I can't even buy a sling shot here in Sweden anymore without a permission. Can you guys see where this is going?
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