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Full Version: Want to sell your jewelry? Duluth police want your picture
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Duluth police say they want to treat jewelers and antique dealers like pawn shops when it comes to their dealing in precious metals.

A draft city ordinance calls for any Duluth business that purchases precious metal items from the public to be licensed and equipped to provide daily electronic reports of its transactions to a statewide system. Any business purchasing an item that’s more than 1 percent gold, silver or platinum by weight would need to provide notice of the transaction and furnish a picture of the item or items purchased — as well as a color photo of the seller.

The ordinance would hold jewelers, coin shops and antique dealers to disclosure requirements similar to those now in place for pawn shops.

But the proposed ordinance has received a chilly reception from several in the local business community, including Dave Blustin, owner of Garon Bros. Jewelry, who called it “onerous.”

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Any type of transaction that they can't track electronically is a target. From yard sales to personal loans. It's coming if people at the local level allow it.
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