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Full Version: US cybercafés to spy on Americans
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Flyers that list “suspicious” activities have been made accessible to the business owners in accordance with the program, the so-called Communities Against Terrorism (CAT).

According to the FBI, the “suspicious” activities that need to be monitored include the following: always paying the internet fee in cash rather than with a credit card, using the internet service at the cybercafé in spite of having an internet access at home, and participating in nonviolent demonstrations, etc.

People are also suspected of being terrorists if they own precious metals, purchase flashlight or store a seven-day food supply.

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With the Hollywood machine that pumps out movies like Minority Report, Enemy of The State, A Scanner Darkly, TV Shows like the First 48, one would assume all that DoD funding for propaganda in the TV and Movie business, that there would be something to show for it :) Truth is, its only function is to psychologically keep people in check, by the big, buearucratic, omnipotent all seeing government...

In reality, they have nothing to show for it, and are nothing more than a bunch of punks. All the big scary satellites, NSA wireless interfacing, Drones, etc.. and they have to employ the help from Starbucks workers, because they MIGHT be suspicious of someone using cash...but admit they don't even know who they're looking for, so if YOU spot them, let us know, OK? lol :)

The Central Federal Government are nothing but punks, with unlimited access to our tax dollars. Instead of spending billions of dollars on Hollywood propaganda, they might have spent money on tracking real people, who refuse to use credit cards.

I call them out as the sheep in wolves clothing, that they are. I for one don't believe they're as all seeing, as they would like the masses to think.
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