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March to War: 25 to Go?

"That's be two eggs, over easy, hash browns, bacon, and oh, yeah, a side of global thermonuclear war..." That seems to be the menu this morning as global forces are being put into place for a huge showdown in early March. But, let's begin at the beginning.

Since 2001, my friend Clif has been wondering about the "data gap" which has been visible in predictive linguistics since 2001. It's a period which we were hoping would be just a widespread internet outage, or something like that. Imagine a situation later on this year where solar flares, or EMP attack, or attack on America's telephone switching networks takes down the internet. Another though was that if he could just "tunnel through" the massive pile-on of immediacy events from March into summer, there would be enough data on the far side to give a picture from the future (looking back) that could hold some hints about what lays in our immediate future.

After publishing his "Future Recent History 2020" report, Clif has continued to run the data while he can, and the results of his further refining can be read in his report posted yesterday: "The Last 26 Days of life..." Not exactly the kind of outlook that makes us want to jump out of bed, and go work toward our glorious future, to be sure.


As you read his report, two things to keep in mind. First is that Clif is always quite precise in his use of language and Zionist to him is not a religion (Judaism), the distinction being one is a policy of territorial expansion while the other is a religion/belief set.

The second is that his modelspace is comprised of words and so when he looks up all the word primary meanings, aspects, and attributes, his learning of history leads him to couple those words with past historical evidence of "false flag" attacks which have been used historically to justify large wars.

Go to above link at the top to read George Ure's writeup today. Very good read.
From 5 paragraphs from the bottom:

"For now, Clif is going into semi "off line" mode. Igor is moving, the servers are going down, and the earliest we could take up the linguistics again would be in late March and by then it may not matter"

Maybe this is the reason for the "Data Gap." If they can't get there servers back up? Trying to think positive not thermonuclear.
If the Data Gap starts March 2012 and peters out in 2013, does that mean that no more data is available to the bots after 2013, or that references to the on-going of the human race stop? I am very confused.
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