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Full Version: IT'S ALL CONNECTED - POLE SHIFT - UFO'S - NIBIRU - March 22, 2012
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Okay, what one might fail to observe, are numbers. Though I only think of them when they are brought up, they can peak my curiosity. Here is my question to you. The every 188 day occurrences, has anyone else been keeping up with this?

For me time will tell. If something happens on the 22nd of March, I'm sure this thread will pop back up. Would this be a natural occurrence, or man made?

March 22 is the “first day” of the Satanic calendar. The night of March 21 is the spring equinox – aka Walpurgisnacht in black-magic-practicing satanic covens. It is the most powerful night of the year for “casting spells” and “conjuring demons” according to arch-satanist Anton Lavey’s writings and teachings as well as being taught in his ‘Satanic Bible’.

The night of March 21-22 (also the DAY of 3-22) is simply the highest “black sabbat” on the satanist’s calendar. Why? It symbolizes the annual return and rule of Mars – the pagan god of death, war, hate, etc. and who is the antithesis of Jesus Christ, (Yeshua).

It is the celebrated date of re-birth of the coming of the sun-god, the “son of the morning” – aka Lucifer – the beginning of Spring and the rule of the Lucifer – the sun. Thousands of innocent children are ritually murdered on this date worldwide, as well – and this is what the alchemist Fulcanelli was referencing – indeed as the “date where alchemy (code word for black magic) begins”.

It is a very dark night/day for the alert and spiritually awake Christian. This is why so many “secret societies” are fixated with this date and numerology, as Weidner points out.

Furthermore, Adolph Hitler, with several members of his staff (including Joseph Goebbels), supposedly committed suicide on Walpurgisnacht, March 21-22, 1945.

Read more, as March 22, seems to be a very important day for dark things.
This explains a lot as my ex girlfriend's birthday is 3/22. *Clarity*
(02-07-2012 01:36 PM)SoberOne Wrote: [ -> ]This explains a lot as my ex girlfriend's birthday is 3/22. *Clarity*

(02-07-2012 01:36 PM)SoberOne Wrote: [ -> ]This explains a lot as my ex girlfriend's birthday is 3/22. *Clarity*

for real that was hilarious, thanks sober one...needed that..."much needed laugh for the day" - check.
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