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Full Version: Ohio admits to spraying us with all kinds of bad stuff!!
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Last night while watching the local news on WHIOTV, I had caught a "snip-it" of a report that said a local county would soon begin aerial spraying for Gypsy Moths? I had went to the news station's web site to get the scoop, but could not find it anywhere. So again this morning it came on the news & was able to find out that it is going to happen in Logan county, & claims that this chemical is SAFE for humans & other animals? Not being able to find anything on any local news channels, or any current stories in the news papers. I decided to really dig & am disgusted by what I have found!! According to the Ohio Dept of Ag. This cocktail is a combo of Virus/bacterium/sexual pheromones/& chemical insecticides???
I was able to find articles where the media admits that the State of Ohio has been spraying us with this stuff for at least 2 years. They always say this stuff is totally safe, but I have found a few articles like this one that states:
" Btk had caused health reactions in previously sprayed areas, including: “ rash and
other immune, allergic and sensitization responses such as dry, itchy skin; red, burning
eyes; dry sore throat; cough and tightness in the chest..” (SES 2003)
• children particularly at risk from the effects of Btk. “With smaller weight, and developing
systems, children are likely to be more susceptible for all potential health effects.” (SES
• Btk is respirable in mammals, so there is the possibility of lung injury on exposure (SES
2003) • repeated exposure via inhalation can result in sensitization and allergic response (stated
on product label). Continue reading here

This next article admits that it "Confuses" Males??
The State is holding some kind of meeting for this, but I am having problems nailing down time & place so I can go in there & raise 10 kinds of hell with these ppl!! Are any of you guys having the same problems in your local areas?

**** EDIT: once you click on the agri, you can find the Info about the chemicals in the side bar under "Treatment Info"****
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