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Full Version: America’s Sheriffs Fight Barack Obama And Federal Government
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Something extraordinary and historic took place mere days ago in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For three days, from January 29 and 31, 2012, in the Tuscany Hotel & Casino, more than 120 county sheriffs, from across the United States of America, met in a first annual, "Constitutional Sheriffs Convention".

This is what Wikipedia says about U.S. sheriffs: "In the United States, a sheriff is a county official and is typically the top law enforcement officer of a county. Historically, the sheriff was also commander of the militia in that county. Distinctive to law enforcement in the United States, sheriffs are usually elected. The political election of a person to serve as a police leader is an almost uniquely American tradition."

The first Constitutional Sheriffs Convention is the brainchild of the and the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association at .


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For a video describing the CSPOA, go to and type in: Special report: County Sheriffs Push Back Against Feds

CGI's Maryhrt: Historic First Constitutional Sheriffs Convention in Las Vegas, Jan. 30-31

Posted By: Susoni
Date: Monday, 6-Feb-2012 13:28:17

I have included the program from the day of the 30th. It was very intense and probably too much for just one day. If you notice the number of speakers, all with very significant messages, you can see it had to be overload for the sheriffs who state they prefer it would have been two days. We knew 2 days would have been better but we did not have the funds necessary for 2 days. Hopefully, this next time, money will not be an issue.

The sheriffs were blown away by the information presented to them. They thoroughly appreciated meeting and standing with each other and sharing stories. They all had many to share. I believe a number of them were "turned" that day after arriving "just curious."

Below are a good number of reports which have been published; Pravda, American Free Press, and New Yorker magazine should have one shortly. In this case, do not be too hard on the press as they were not invited. We wanted privacy for the sheriffs.

We will have videos available very soon thanks to some very generous people. We will put some on you tube and it will be available in DVDs as well.

Thank you ALL for the phenomenal support and love you sent our way. This required tremendous effort from a lot of people, not the least, all of you. We could not have done it without your help. YOU are the ones who got your sheriffs to attend. THEY told us that time and time again.

Stay tuned to our web site for updates. We have all been very busy so please bear with us. Free America Now was the primary engine that made this event happen. Our goal is to educate the masses and help freedom groups with their projects.



Trip Report: Historic Constitutional Sheriffs Convention, Las Vegas, Jan. 30-31

Something big and game-changing happened in Las Vegas last Monday and Tuesday and it was far too good to just let it ‘stay in Vegas’. A first-time ever gathering of over 115 Constitutional County Sheriffs (representing over 3% of America’s sheriffs) from 35 states came together to reaffirm their oaths of office and to learn how to better defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, especially domestic. There were also several good deputy sheriffs and police chiefs in attendance. Of note, five California sheriffs attended, all from Northern California, who have been fighting the Federal Government over land, water, and forest rights.

Myself and a couple dozen Patriots from Oath Keepers and other American patriot groups also attended to lend our support to this historic gathering and to let these brave sheriffs know that We the People stand with them in their ever-increasing battles against over-reaching federal, state, and local government politicians and agencies. We all met and stayed at the Tuscany Hotel for 2 ½ days of strategizing, networking, and classes from top national Constitutional experts and several sheriffs who have been engaged in the struggle to protect their citizens and uphold the 10th Amendment (state’s rights) against the Federal Government.

To read more click above link.
Great! That's where the real power lies, near the people and the militia. I hpe it spreads to other groups of power too.
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