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Full Version: The Historical Case For $960 Silver-Presents a Very Good Case-Must See!
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Thats awesome ! .
Times are starting to get harder here in Canada . The company I work for quoted a job for 5k $ , and it was priced to get us work . The home owner found a guy for 2 k. its like 600$ partsand at least 400$ taxes , it would take 1 guy 3 weeks to finish the job alone . So he could make more money making min wage at Mcdonalds . He maybe trying to do it under the table , but the home owner wants to use it as a tax write off . people are getting desperate , and are now thinking "Hey I should save money , cause im broke as $uck now". Ill be happy if I manage to save (in silver) half of what I did last year .
Very good video.

If one silver dime represents 1 day of labor like he says at the end of the vid, I have about 30 years worth. :o)

Feels good.
Great Video SS!

This is a good follow up vid to the above topic.
(02-02-2012 02:16 PM)silversurfer Wrote: [ -> ]

This is a good follow up vid to the above topic.

Great information! Still time to buy silver people.
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