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Full Version: Louisiana Family Threatened By Oil Giants To Sell Land, Or Be Forced To Do So
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As old leases get examined and environmental concerns become more publicized, neighborly disputes between residents and those drilling on their land are bound to get more heated. And few are more complicated than the fight between Chevron and the Broussards.

The Chevron subsidiary that sued to take the land, Sabine Pipe Line, had quietly operated a pipeline hub across the road for nearly 60 years. In June, Sabine sent a letter to the family, saying the 14-year legal fight with Texaco was threatening the continued operation of one of the most important natural gas pipeline hubs in the country. The family could agree to sell the land, the letter said, or be forced to do so.

Corporation greed getting out of control. Knowing the the government is on the side of the corporations, what chance does this family even have.
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