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Full Version: CIA Involvement In "Occupy" Movement Challenged By Partnership For Civil Justice
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While the Department of Homeland Security was the more obvious culprit,(and still is) it seems that the CIA may have played a larger part than previously known.

The CIA’s connection to the NYPD has already been heavily documented which adds even more credence to the possibility that they illegally infiltrated a domestic political movement.

The Partnership for Civil Justice recently filed multiple Freedom of Information requests after seeing the massive military style crackdown on the protests.

The answer they received from the Central Intelligence Agency made their position startling clear:

“They wrote back saying that they would refuse to process the request basically on the grounds that if the CIA had any involvement it would have been illegal for it to have involvement and therefore their record system is not constructed in a way that they could possibly search for their involvement,” said Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, executive director of PFCJ.
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