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Full Version: Jews Fighting With Jews
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Thousands of Israelis are expected to march through the city of Bet Shemesh later this week to protest against the treatment of women by ultra-orthodox Jewish extremists, with tensions high after a seven-year-old girl said she had been spat on in the street.

No Christians here. Abused, because of a look. Hope they go blind tomorrow, so they won't be offended anymore.
Here is an update on the story, and a video of the young girl. This is all about the way one looks, and not about the content of ones character. They ones that spit, seem to represent the Jewish version of the American KKK.

You look different, so you must be evil. Now whenever I see the Jew with ponytails hanging from their ears, I will only see a group that truly lives in the den of Satan. I Thank you for showing me what evil looks like. I am now learning about how to hate someone for what they look like. The ponytails will always help me to see who you are. Can't condemn the women, they were born into your evil world, with no means to escape.

May God have mercy on your souls !!!!
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