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Where to expatriate to when Hillary is appointed by the Club
10-18-2016, 10:18 AM
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Where to expatriate to when Hillary is appointed by the Club
I have been following Jsnp4 for years but this is my first post here. Jsnp4 has been talking a lot about the possibility of needing to expatriate after Hillary is crowned POTUS by the club, specifically Costa Rica.

I have been studying the possibility of expatriation for several years now. Originally, I was enamored with Singapore, because of its great economic policies, until I eventually figured out that it is a fascist police state, which by itself is not a problem, but it is an asian fascist police state, so as a westerner, you might do something you think is perfectly fine, and turns out it is a capital offense.

Then I liked Argentina, because it is essentially a European country in South America, but the socialist government there has screwed up their economy, and they have a crime problem. Plus, there was the guy who did the blog during the collapse of Argentina in the last decade, and he expatriated to Ireland. So, I will take his advice and stay away from Argentina and Uruguay.

I had a FB friend who had expatriated to Panama, and he said Panama was great, but the natives there do not love Americans (he considered himself a Russian Jew).

The Daily Bell people like Colombia, and it seems that it might be a decent and safe place to live.

Peru and Chile are also possibilities.

However, I was watching Weev's AMA the other day, and he suggested that Belgrade, in Serbia, was a wonderful place to live. Very inexpensive and very European, but not quite so pozzed as Germany or the other more western countries. Also, they are not keen on importing Muslims.

There is a nice city comparison tool here:

So my vote right now is for Belgrade.

What do you guys think?
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