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When seeking medical help has problems with international security
07-29-2018, 03:13 PM (This post was last modified: 08-09-2018 05:02 PM by TheDove.)
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When seeking medical help has problems with international security
Years ago I had migraines and my clumsiness was getting worse. I had a variety of symptoms. I also had a history of prior brain surgery and prior brain injury.

I was injured in more than one plane crash. One was a public plane crash that had some of its details censored from the public at the time. Cubana flight 445 crash was caused by a terrorist bomb that went off in the bathroom and was in response to a keyhole satellite launch. I had been one of the engineers and analysts working on the Keyhole systems. However at the time of the crash I didn't know one was being launched nor what operations was going to do with it. It has been enough years that the issues involved in it would be out of classification following new international classification guidelines. So it's simply not talked about even though it's not classified anymore. I do not know what happened to the other survivors, though like me they went into witness protection.

I also was in other flights that crashed that made the public eye but not completely. One crash involved a disk shaped USAF plane. That crashed and had to deal with base commander changes and the new one showing up 3 days early without his clearance ready(it would of been in 3 days). That commander went a bit crazy and branded the USAF flight crew "aliens" and tried to autopsy one, and operate on me. Another crash was of a wing design (call sign Boomerang) that was a type of triangle. The disk was fired upon and the wing had a failure of something. Which showed mechanical tampering. One of these gave me a brain aneurysm. I was also in a joint Russian and USA operation involving a SR71 under a new environment and it also crashed when I had a heart attack and other problems with the plane.

Because of the value of my work I was at one point given procedures to help correct problems caused in the crashes with my vision and hearing. These implants had variations being tested in the mainstream civilian area to help blind and deaf. One hearing implant tried involved bone conduction after my anvil and stirrup fractured and I had a ruptured eardrum. One eye treatment had implanted lenses and another dealt with the optical nerve.

I also had implants to help me drive the latest type of military aircraft. One of which worked with a halo headband device that read brainwaves. The civilian type implants were partly publicized as early as the 1970s. My surgery occurred before the 1950s. Which is funny given my legal age said I was born after that thanks to the ID the government issued me. Some implants though were under non disclosure orders. But based on old and some newer guidelines involving both public and non public medical implants they shouldn't be an issue. Somehow they are still an issue.

Below are some pictures of my brain. One doctor said he couldn't read the scans. I think somethings are blatant(brain injury). Also most doctors including psychiatrists are taught as part of their basic school courses at medical school how to read X-rays and MRI. Though technicians that take the photos and specialists(for the area of body affected) are also taught to read them. All the doctor is willing to say was there was a grey area of concern on the top of my head. One picture I have shows something on the top motor area, which looks like a resistor. There are items clearly numbered in my head and I don't think the technician numbered them because of the angle in the picture. I also recently had a full X-ray of my spine. I don't have copies of that but I heard the technicians talking(there were 3 of them) and they said "Well that certainly isn't normal." So they found something and nobody has said anything beyond statements around my having arthritis, narrowing of the disks, bone burs, and scoliosis.(which they avoid mentioning is caused by my real age)

I'm not an alien. I'm a human who was in high security work. I left it shortly before the Cubana crash and after the crash I was abducted in Canada. Where people that changed their name claimed to be my family, used a variety of brainwashing and discrediting techniques on me. I also have reason to believe that during this time they also tried to have someone impersonate me. I had a problem with that in the Philippines and I found that the same woman that went to jail and was under restrictions has moved to Canada and is within a 45 minute drive of where I live. She had undergone plastic surgery to look more like me and etiquette lessons, etc. She however may not of passed biometrics or advanced security to mess with the military or government. I doubt she had the things installed in her body or matched its settings.

I have blacked out part of my information. Because like anyone I do like some privacy. In the USA or ASEAN nations I do not think these images would cause a problem. I think it is only in Canada where they are playing stupid and frustrating me. In the scan you can see holes from my jaw being wired, etc and also things like bone plates at the back of my head. I also think my burst brain aneurysm and my being shot with a bullet is kind of obvious in the damaged areas.

Pictures of my MRI (Edited to remove the date from them.) My roommate was part of one of the problem people and got at my files at the time. To try to discredit the damage they had done to me they altered dates and tried to alter the doctor's name on the requisition form. My roommate was given house arrest after shooting me. Then he burned me with acid because he hurt himself trying to remove a leg monitor. He also had been drugging me. He's part of a gang group linked to the crash of the airplane I'd been on for cubana flight 445. My roommate was also cousin of a woman that changed her name and then married someone who had also changed their name. So that she would have the same name as me. She had once lived in the same townhome as me and she said her birthdate was one day different than mine. She claimed to the in Wa state awhile but she may of moved back to Canada. They are possibly related to the plane bomber. My roommate used a name of Damien and while he seemed familiar when I met him. Because of injuries I wasn't sure why. After I realized I had met him at the other woman`s wedding. As she invited me. I didn't realize until I saw the formal announcement in the paper that the woman`s name after marriage would be the same as me.

The implants they were worried years ago about people knowing aren't all visible in these images. There is something known as biotrace or biocircuitry that uses organic matter to make little circuitboards and other things which are at a finer scale than the MRI would of shown. [url="]Some of these use non-biologic material combinations[/url] and others use fully organic to the human body.(such as nerve cells) Some of the circuits are part of a security protocol system. Others were things such as tiny gyroscopes to improve balance and stabilization, also to execute actions faster than what muscles will allow for movement.

I did work on some private, non military equipment that could be used for personal flight with a implant to use brainwaves, etc for physically impaired people or elderly. A personal experimental flying car that was 3d printed with metamaterials also used the technology for more basic security so that someone won't steal your car. These were objects known about by the mid 1970s in most Asian countries, a few European, and one or two places in the USA where others were also testing their equipment for future civilian market.

The difference though is while some advanced suits were being made available for certain types of flightcraft personal use. Part of my implants when fully activated could work with a acoustical organics(bio lasers for fiber optics using things like bioluminescent animal materials) and a type of much smaller quantum computer system. Though most of the time weapons weren't used invisibility and energy weapons were a possible use of them. At the time I had stepped away from my old military and government work globally. However even internationally they can recall you to duty if they feel like it. I think for years now they've either ignored me as "bait" to the nasty people like those that grabbed me or wanted to see what they could get away with, when I wasn't able to consult on policy regarding certain actions.

As to other people that claim they have "implants" by aliens that are little silver slivers. They are often put there by the military and sometimes using the unit that flew the experimental planes. The implants are to track problem people or high risk people. Some of these are aliens that just happen to be human(or children of them) that got the implant, others are people too close to a government or military issue that is sensitive. The implants were made from a meteor that was found and had interesting properties. Commonly the implants were put in the foot, hand or sometimes in through the nose. They used the body's bioelectric field and minerals in forming part of a traceable signal. Brain implants like mine where someone has memory loss is often medical implants from people that were in specialized high security equipment programs. It was later phased out as new natural biocircuits were brought in and usually weren't easily detected by even high quality newer MRI machines.

As to "hearing voices" sometimes the organic or hybrid(organic and electronic) implants were used for soundless communications for soldiers to easily and safely enter an environment without being detected. Some people found that with some of the technology used in microwave gang stalking were vulnerable to attack. However it can happen with no implants at all from someone aiming a satellite antenna or other antenna set at a particular strength aimed at a person's head or side of body. One voiceless comms system was called "dolphin" based off of sea creatures and sonar.
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