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What's Wrong With Infowars? Palestine, Jerusalem Topic.
12-16-2017, 03:39 AM
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What's Wrong With Infowars? Palestine, Jerusalem Topic.
Haven't viewed Alex Jones YT channel for a while. Since the U.S. "election" probably. Looked them up to see the opinion on what's going on with U.S. president's recent statement on Jerusalem.

Some disturbing stuff imo.

Here's a very restraint and conservative critic's video to help point out how "crazy" the posted stuff seems:

What do you think, guys? Is something seriously wrong with Infowars or what's your opinion if you disagree? My first topic here, btw, was about them if I recall correctly. Was about some weird stuff, but on a different level.

Since IW used to be considered as significant part of the "truther movement", what's happening now? What do you think about this?



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