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Wells Fargo admits deception in $1.2 billion U.S. mortgage accord
04-17-2016, 11:09 PM
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Wells Fargo admits deception in $1.2 billion U.S. mortgage accord
Bankers are crooks who don't ever go to jail!

Did you lose your house because of a thief?

Wells Fargo & Co (WFC.N) admitted to deceiving the U.S. government into insuring thousands of risky mortgages, as it formally reached a record $1.2 billion settlement of a U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit.

The settlement with Wells Fargo, the largest U.S. mortgage lender and third-largest U.S. bank by assets, was filed on Friday in Manhattan federal court. It also resolves claims against Kurt Lofrano, a former Wells Fargo vice president.

According to the settlement, Wells Fargo "admits, acknowledges, and accepts responsibility" for having from 2001 to 2008 falsely certified that many of its home loans qualified for Federal Housing Administration insurance.

The San Francisco-based lender also admitted to having from 2002 to 2010 failed to file timely reports on several thousand loans that had material defects or were badly underwritten, a process that Lofrano was responsible for supervising.

According to the Justice Department, the shortfalls led to substantial losses for taxpayers when the FHA was forced to pay insurance claims as defective loans soured.


2013 Crooks exposed and government turns a blind eye - WHY? Crooks together?

Bank Mortgage Fraud - Fraudulent practices in bank foreclosures exposed


he bank does not let you know that a promissory note is actually a "negotiable instrument" under the Uniform Commercial Code, and that it will be deposited to fund your loan. Nor did they tell you that the bank has a liability to you of approximately the amount of the loan. (The bank owes you by their own bookkeeping entries!)

The bank does NOT tell you that you actually provided the real cash value for your own loan! Thus, the bank only appears to be lending you anything.

"The Federal Reserve Banks create money out of thin air to buy Government bonds... The Federal Reserve Bank is a total money making machine." Representative Wright Patman, former Chairman of a House Banking Committee

That's right: banks and lending institutions only appear to lend money. Let's take a quick look at how money is created at the "government" level, then we'll see how this applies to you and your alleged debt.

But is it money? Where did the Federal Reserve get the money to exchange for the government bonds? It made a bookkeeping entry. That's it! Money is created by the banks out of thin air! Our government gave them that power when it created the Federal Reserve System.

The Federal Reserve creates money out of nothing; this is usury, the payment of interest on pretended loans; the true cause of the hidden tax called inflation; the way in which the Fed creates boom-bust cycles. This technique was developed by political and monetary wizards to create money out of nothing for the purpose of lending.

This is not an entirely accurate description because it implies that money is created first and then waits for someone to borrow it.

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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