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U.S. university sues CIA for info. on El Salvador Massacre of 800 men-women-kids
01-30-2016, 04:46 PM (This post was last modified: 01-30-2016 10:17 PM by Thinker.)
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U.S. university sues CIA for info. on El Salvador Massacre of 800 men-women-kids
On December 11, 1981 the Salvadoran Army killed 800 men, women, and children in and around the village of El Mozote. The Atlacatl was a "Rapid Deployment Infantry Battalion" specially trained for counter-insurgency warfare.

It was the first unit of its kind in the Salvadoran armed forces and was trained by United States military advisors.

Who are the terrorists?

The soldiers ordered everyone out of their houses and into the square. They made them lie face down, searched them, and questioned them about the guerrillas. They then ordered the villagers to lock themselves in their houses until the next day, warning that anyone coming out would be shot.

They separated the men from the women and children and locked them in separate groups in the church, the convent, and various houses. They proceeded to interrogate, torture, and execute the men in several locations. Around noon, they began taking the women and older girls in groups, separating them from their children and machine gunning them after raping them.

Girls as young as 10 were raped, with soldiers reportedly heard bragging how they especially liked the twelve-year-old girls. Finally, they killed the children at first by slitting their throats, then by hanging them from trees, with one child as young as two years old.

After killing the entire population, the soldiers set fire to the buildings.

The soldiers remained in El Mozote that night but the next day went to the village of Los Toriles, some 2 km away and carried out a further massacre. Men, women and children were taken from their homes, lined up, robbed and shot and their homes then set ablaze.

Supporters of a new world order Salvadoran army and government leaders denied the reports and officials of the Reagan administration called them "gross exaggerations."The Associated Press reported that "the U.S. Embassy disputed the reports, saying its own investigation had found ... that no more than 300 people had lived in El Mozote."

In 1993, a special State Department panel that examined the actions of U.S. diplomats vis-a-vis human rights in El Salvador concluded that "mistakes were certainly made ... particularly in the failure to get the truth about the December 1981 massacre at El Mozote."

In 1993, El Salvador passed an amnesty law for all individuals implicated by UN investigations, effectively exempting the army from prosecution.

In December 2011, the El Salvador government apologized for the massacre.

US university sues CIA for information on El Salvador massacre - US-trained El Salvador commander implicated in 1981 civilian deaths, but CIA rejected FOIA request for more information

The Central Intelligence Agency has illegally withheld information about a U.S.-trained military commander who led an operation that led to an alleged massacre during El Salvador’s civil war in the 1980s, the University of Washington Center for Human Rights (UW CHR) said, announcing that it has sued the CIA over the matter.

Government troops under Lt. Col. Sigifredo Ochoa Perez’s command allegedly killed dozens of civilians on as they fled government ground and air attacks in El Salvador’s Santa Cruz region in November 1981, during a major operation against rebels amid the country’s 12-year civil war that left at least 75,000 dead.

Ochoa Perez was trained in Washington, D.C., at the Inter-American Defense College, an international academy that boasts many graduates — including current Chilean President Michelle Bachelet — who went on to take high-ranking positions in their respective nations.

Terror and murder funded by U.S. taxpayers in a mass murder that makes Sandy Hook and the rest of U.S. mass shootings trivial to what the people in El. Salvador experienced. Who shouldn't own guns? Who are the U.N. soldiers? Will the same events occur in small towns around the U.S.?

Did the U.N. give the green light for slaughter and rape? Who is protecting and looking out for the rights of the grassroots citizens of the world?

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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