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U.S. Admits Its MH17 ‘Evidence’ is Based on YouTube Clips & Social Media Posts
07-25-2014, 12:07 AM
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Video Ukraine - Propaganda War & Team Satan Lies For More!
July 24, 2014

How many more lies are going to be told for Satan to get world war to kickoff?

How many more planes, and children will disappear?

Psyops isn't working...what will the next lie be???

What happened when the son and nephew of New York governors who is now on CNN have to say about the Ukraine war? Like son wars have to be won!!!

Lies for war and profit...what news wants it and who fights against it?

Waiting for truth to make a difference.

Waiting for the world to change...for the better!

No Justice...No Peace...

Friendship/Love/Trust/Respect/Unity for all living things...
People4People, proud member of Realist News since May 2011.
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Ukraine - Propaganda War & Team Satan Lies For More! - People4People - 07-25-2014 12:07 AM

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