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Turkish constitutional referendum, 2017
03-02-2017, 06:57 AM (This post was last modified: 03-02-2017 07:04 AM by Arctic.)
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Turkish constitutional referendum, 2017
Interesting vote incoming. They are voting about promoting Erdogan to a Khalifa or not.

A constitutional referendum will be held in Turkey on Sunday, 16 April 2017.[1] Voters will vote on a set of 18 proposed amendments to the Constitution of Turkey. The amendments have long been suggested by the governing Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and its leader, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, as well as being agreed to by the opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP). The amendments include the introduction of an executive presidency that would replace the existing parliamentary system of government, the abolition of the Office of the Prime Minister, the raising of the number of seats in Parliament from 550 to 600 and changes in the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK).

Proposal # Article Description of change
1 Article 9 The judiciary is required to act on condition of impartially.
2 Article 75 The number of seats in the Parliament is raised from 550 to 600.
3 Article 76 The age requirement to stand as a candidate in an election was lowered from 25 to 18, while the condition of having to complete compulsory military service is removed. Individuals with relations to the military are ineligible to run for election.
4 Article 77 Parliamentary terms are extended from four to five years. Parliamentary and presidential elections will be held on the same day every five years, with presidential elections going to a run-off if no candidate wins a simple majority in the first round.
5 Article 87 The powers of Parliament to scrutinize ministers and hold the government to account, as well as granting ministers the power to issue decrees regarding certain matters, are abolished.
5 Article 89 To overcome a presidential veto, the Parliament needs to adopt the same bill with an absolute majority(301).
6 Article 98 Parliament now detects cabinet and Vice President with Parliamentary Research, Parliamentary Investigation, General Discussion and Written Question. Interpellation is abolished and replaced with Parliamentary Investigation. VP needs to answer Written Questions within 15 days.
7 Article 101 In order to stand as a presidential candidate, an individual requires the endorsement of one or more parties that won 5% or more in the preceding parliamentary elections and 100,000 voters. The elected president no longer needs to terminate their party membership if they have one.
8 Article 104 The President becomes both the head of state and head of government, with the power to appoint and sack ministers and VP. The president can issue decrees about executive.If legislation makes a law about the same topic that President issued an executive order, decree will become invalid and parliamentery law become valid.
9 Article 105 Parliament can open parliamentery investigation with an absolute majority(301).Parliament discusses proposal in 1 month.Following the completion of Discussion,Parliamentery investigation can begin in Parliament with a hidden three-fifths(360) vote in favor.Following the completion of investigations, the parliament can vote to indict the President with a hidden two-thirds(400) vote in favor.
10 Article 106 The President can appoint one or more Vice Presidents. If the Presidency falls vacant, then fresh presidential elections must be held within 45 days. If parliamentary elections are due within less than a year, then they too are held on the same day as early presidential elections. If the parliament has over a year left before its term expires, then the newly elected president serves until the end of the parliamentary term, after which both presidential and parliamentary elections are held. This does not count towards the President's two-term limit. Parliamentary investigations into possible crimes committed by Vice Presidents and ministers can begin in Parliament with a three-fifths vote in favor. Following the completion of investigations, the parliament can vote to indict Vice Presidents or ministers with a two-thirds vote in favor. If found guilty, the Vice President or minister in question is only removed from office if their crime is one that bars them from running for election. If a sitting MP is appointed as a minister or Vice President, their parliamentary membership will be terminated.
11 Article 116 The President and five-third of the Parliament can decide to renew elections. In this case, the enactor also dissolves itself until elections.
12 Article 119 The President's ability to declare state of emergency is now subject to parliamentary approval to take effect. The Parliament can extend, remove or shorten it. States of emergency can be extended for up to four months at a time except during war, where no such limitation will be required. Every presidential decree issues during a state of emergency will need an approval of Parliament.
13 Article 125 The acts of the President are now subject to judicial review.
13 Article 142 Military courts are abolished unless they are erected to investigate actions of soldiers under conditions of war.
13 Article 146 The President used to appoint one Justice from High Military Court of Appeals, and one from the High Military Administrative Court. As military courts are abolished, the number of Justices in the Constitutional Court reduced to 15 from 17. Consequently, presidential appointees reduced to 12 from 14, while the Parliament continues to appoint three.
14 Article 159 Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors is renamed to "Board of Judges and Prosecutors", members are reduced to 13 from 22, departments are reduced to 2 from 3. 4 members are appointed by President, 7 will be appointed by the Grand Assembly.Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) candidates will need to get 2/3(400) votes to pass first round and will need 3/5(360) votes in second round to be a member of HSYK.(Other 2 members are Justice Minister and Ministry of Justice Undersecretary, which is unchanged).
15 Article 161 President proposes fiscal budget to Grand Assembly 75 days prior to fiscal new year. Parliamentary members cannot make change proposals to public expenditures. If budget is not approved, then temporary budget will be proposed. If temporary budget also not approved, previous year's budget would be used with previous year's increment ratio.[note 1]
16 Several articles Adaptation of several articles of the constitution with other changes, mainly transferring executive powers of cabinet to President.
17 Temporary Article 21 Next presidential and General elections will be held in 3 November 2019. If Grand Assembly decides early elections, both will be held at the same day. Board of Judges and Prosecutors elections will be made within 30 days of approval of this law. Military courts are abolished once the law came into force.
18 Several articles The amendments (2, 4 and 7) will came into force after new elections, other amendments (except temporary article) will come into force once newly elected president swears. Annulled the article which elected Presidents loses their memberships in a political party.,_2017

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