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Trump credited before he gets installed
12-11-2016, 03:11 PM
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Trump credited before he gets installed
This is just a progression of what happened when Obama was selected. After the electoral vote, Bush basically let Obama take over. Anybody else remember that? Bush had lost credibility, just as Obama has. The banksters are getting desperate, and they want civil war, or at least mass rioting, to further the police state. The announcement of the popular and electoral count failed to cause the desired unrest. The charges of Russian interference also failed. The recount failed even worse. They have had to put a halt to the recount, as the recount started to reveal massive vote fraud. The ballot box that was marked as containing 306 votes, which was reported to have contained only 50, was the straw that broke the camel's back. And, it was likely the first straw. 306 votes would mean that it was from a very small district, and it would have been one of the first to be completed, especially since there were only 50 ballots in the box. This would have revealed massive ballot box stuffing. This campaign, which should have been the most contentious campaign in history, was apparently ignored en masse. Once the issue of ballot box stuffing came ou, the count had to be stopped. This would have caused other districts to report similar results. It seems like they were counting on the districts not wanting to be the first to admit massive fraud.

If you recall the 2000 election, the propaganda was that the outcome of the election hinged on the state of Florida. On election day, they claimed that problems at the polls required them to keep the polls open until California's polls were closed. How would they know that? They didn't know they were going to have problems, but they somehow knew how long it would take to fix them, in the heat of what should have been mass confusion? And Florida election commission officials were charged, tried, convicted and sentenced for vote fraud. But no recount, let alone taking another vote. This time, they start multiple recounts, and the Michigan recount is stopped, after they detect fraud.

In the 2004 election, the propaganda was that the outcome of the election hinged on the state of Ohio. Once again, polling problems were claimed as the reason for keeping the polls open until the California polls closed. Once again, election commission officials were charged, tried, convicted and sentenced for vote fraud. Yet again, no recount and no subsequent vote. Meaning that both of those elections were fraudulent. Bush had become so unpopular that the populace accepted Obama without question, even though his voting record as the junior senator from Illinois was voting 'present' more than he voted 'for' or 'against'. He was there for quorum, but the voters don't really pay attention to the voting record.

This time, it looks like they wanted to install Clinton, and it looks like they had the vote rigged for her, but they decided that she would not be accepted, if they installed her. It's all about credibility, and she had very little. A recount would have exposed the system as having nothing like the 'consent of the governed'. Remember all the opinion polls for Obama recently? One of them claimed something like 90%, then next week, there was one that was in the 80s. They're running out of tricks, and they are getting desperate. Obama lost functional credibility, and they were stuck installing Trump, and trying to pump him up, as it becomes obvious that he's just restocking the swamp. The believers won't question his picks, and resort to the 'give him a chance' mantra. Of course, that is the whole idea of the republic. It is meant to be thought of as democracy, and the populace is supposed to believe that the system can be fixed at the next election.

The banksters, and their minions, are trying to hold on until they can complete the looting. The run of the police and firemen pension in Texas is just the beginning of the pension plan collapse. Look for the nationalization of pension plans, in the immediate future. Social Security is run almost entirely 'hand to mouth', and with a reported 50% of the populace having less than $1000 in savings, the holiday system will pretty much tap what little the people have left, as they try hang on to the holiday traditions. This should weaken the banking system to the point of insolvency. People will start to take distributions on their pension systems, causing both a bank holiday and nationalization of pension plans. dismal retail sales will cause a fall in tax revenues, resulting in both commercial real estate nosedives and municipal insolvencies. Big cities will start issuing citations as fast as they they can. Time to start cooperative movements in your community. Govzilla is going to go walkabout.
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12-11-2016, 03:59 PM
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RE: Trump credited before he gets installed
Well said rgraf!

I REALLY enjoy your original content contribution to this site, rather than the same old cut-n-paste/youtube links. Excellent.

You raise a good point about the dwindling pensions. It's my belief that the turning point can only be achieved once the state no longer has a monopoly on force. Once the police start understanding the true nature of government, the tides will rapidly turn. But not until then. Case study: Iceland.

When the banking scam hit full force in Iceland, and mobs were encircling their parliament building and throwing rocks through windows during a presidential speech, the police could have acted against the protesters, but they didn't. The police understood, and simply turned to stand with the protests. This was the moment things changed.

Perhaps the pension issue will cause a similar effect in the USSA? Mind you, with so many apposing sides of government protesters, it would appear that the left-right divide may make it almost impossible for a crowd to unite. Divide and conquer. The teapartyers will be busy fighting the libtard SJW's. And people will still be ignorant of the false left/right paradigm, cops included.

Popcorn is now being served.

"Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold" -Bob Marley
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