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Three Day's Of Brutal Microwave Attacks - How Much is the President's Family Getting?
07-31-2018, 04:32 AM (This post was last modified: 07-31-2018 04:38 AM by Thinker.)
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Mysterious Helicopters Over Pittsburgh Part of Military Exercise
Numerous Pittsburgh residents reported mysterious helicopters circling the city, according to Tribune-Review News Partner WPXI. The choppers are part of of training exercise the federal Department of Defense is conducting with local and federal law enforcement agencies, according to the Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety.

5 military style helicopters just flew in to Pittsburgh! 4 in formation and 1 following! The 1st 4 looked like fast attack copters and the 5th looked like a cobra or maybe an apache! What are they doing here?
— Bill (@BIGBILL6566) July 31, 2018

The exercise was announced July 20 and is expected to last through Aug. 4. The city did not release many details about the exercise.

No, Yinzers, we are not under attack nor confronting any pressing emergency requiring a military presence in #Pittsburgh — those black helicopters that just circled the city are conducting a pre-planned military exercise, per @PghPublicSafety
— Natasha Lindstrom (@NewsNatasha) July 31, 2018

Yoooo! What's up with all the helicopters flying all over the #Northside and #Downtown #Pittsburgh
— Slim Pickens (@Slimathee) July 31, 2018

It will be closed to the public and the media “to maintain the:

Mind Control with Electromagnetic Frequency

Recent years, the words “mind control abuse and torture” and “target individual” appears frequently online. Thousands of people in groups or individually cries attention to the abuses and tortures with electromagnetic mind control technologies through internet and all other channels. The scale of the ongoing crimes is large, and hidden. People are asking for the worldwide attention and an international investigation of enormous human rights violations that are silently taking place worldwide at this moment.


One of the twenty-first century’s greatest violations of human rights is the proliferation of mind control technologies and their accompanying abuse and torture. Thousands of innocent victims across the globe have become activists for their freedom.

Electromagnetic mind control technologies are weapons which use electromagnetic waves to hijack a person’s brain and nervous system and subvert an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making. This article is a brief introduction to mind control technologies, the grave situation of hidden mind control abuses and tortures, and victims, including Soleilmavis Liu, whose work is to expose mind control technologies and their torturous abuses, and to urge governments worldwide to investigate and halt these egregious violations of human rights.

Keywords: Mind control technology; voice-to-skull; victim, Human Rights; Torture; Abuse


PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Multiple military helicopters were spotted over Pittsburgh late Monday night as part of a training exercise.

Flashback 2013 - Pittsburgh Judge tosses $650M lawsuit by man who claims to be victim of government 'voice-to-skull' mind control

A U.S. judge has dismissed a $650 million lawsuit filed by a Pittsburgh man who claims the federal government has been using "voice-to-skull" electronic devices to manipulate his mind. Frederick Banks filed his case last month against "an unknown number of federal judges and United States covert government agents" and other officials, including U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

In voiding Banks' lawsuit, U.S. Middle District President Judge Christopher C. Conner found his claims to be "wholly incredible and delusional." The judge exercised a policy that allows the prompt dismissal of lawsuits that are found to be patently frivolous. So Holder and the other defendants never had to reply to Banks' claims. Banks' allegations do seem like something out of an episode of "The X-Files."

He claimed that for some time, federal authorities have been using voice-to-skull, or "V2K" devices, to place voices inside his head. The alleged harassment was prompted by his repeated filing of lawsuits against the government, Banks contended.

In his two-page lawsuit, he cited what he said was information from the Federation of American Scientists, which described V2K technology as non-lethal weaponry that uses microwaves to transmit sound into a person's, or an animal's, skull. The technology also is used as an "electronic scarecrow" to chase birds away from airports, he wrote.


Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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08-02-2018, 01:57 PM (This post was last modified: 08-02-2018 02:33 PM by Thinker.)
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Former Air Force Veteran Electronically Attacked By Deep State Gov. Against Honor!
Targeted Individual Michael Barden: What keeps Organized Stalking going? Barden validates the Pittsburgh man you claimed he was a test subject for skull to brain electronic targeting. What happened to Bush Jr.? Was he skull to mind projecting to leave his wife and children for a woman who has a history everyone should research. Is Bush Jr. in his right mind leaving his beautiful wife, or was there an agenda against the sitting president Donald Trump? What hasn't the president been briefed about? All the tings that Michael Barden is going to tell you. What is the plan that the deep state is working on behind the scenes without the Trump administration? Two governments? On visible and one out of sight? I am a targeted individual and can validate everything Michael Barden has said. A man or woman can't have pride inside when they spend their day attacking the innocent while they hide. Sinners can never be winners!

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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08-13-2018, 04:12 AM (This post was last modified: 08-16-2018 03:58 PM by Thinker.)
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Opening the Gateway to the Universe @ "Eceti Ranch" With Thinker
With the Gibsonia, Pa. gateway getting lots of attention along with the numerous craft entering and exiting, security has been ramped up. Cameras to check the license plates of every vehicles going in and out of the shopping center. Bird and bug alarms that go off when anyone is on the edge of the woods. To fully understand what is happening in the woods of Gibsonia, Pa. I had to travel to and attending the Soul Tech Workshop at "Eceti Ranch" to understand just what is happening in the woods and sky over Gibsonia. The "Soul Tech" workshop was filled with speakers full of information that has helped to understand the nighttime craft in the sky over Gibsonia. Understanding is the key to knowing which way to go, and at "Eceti Ranch" this past week, there were to many choices.

Jimmy Church, is a radio and television host for the Game Changer Network, Premiere and iHeartRADIO and The History Channel.

Billy Carson, is the author of ‘The Compendium of The Emerald Tablets‘ and an expert host on the new original streaming series by Gaia named Deep Space.

Jason Quitt is the Author of Forbidden Knowledge – Revelations of A Multidimensional Time Traveller & The Egyptian Postures Of Power – Ancient Qigong System.

Micheila Sheldan is an Intuitive Channel who has the ability to connect with a variety of Guides, Interdimensional Beings and Collectives, including Mary Magdalene, Archangels, Jeremiah, the Ancients, the 9th Dimensional Lemurian and Pleiadian Collectives, Arcturians, the Council of Light and many others.

Teresa Yanaros, advocate for spiritual enlightenment, shares inspirational perspectives through her YouTube channel “Divine Frequency”

Matthew Ryan is a Seer and Healer from Taos, New Mexico. Over the last 18 years, he’s developed a unique Energetic Healing Modality called Gamma Wave Healing, named after his ability to enter into a Gamma State while facilitating healings.

Holly Marie of Sacred Heart Ascension helps people get to the heart of what’s weighing them down by sing ancient, multi-dimensional clearing technologies to uplift people into true empowerment and emotional freedom.

Laura C. Cantu is on a mission—to master what it really means to be human and to assist mankind in establishing a new reality of balance, peace, love, and understanding. Founder and CEO of Winterwolf Press, Laura publishes books she believes offer information as well as vibrational frequencies that inspire readers to remember the truths of who they are.

Mary Gabrielle began receiving messages many years ago from an unseen source. These dreams and messages were insistent that she find “The Chosen” and initiate the “Great Gathering.”

John Lund is the president of Modern Masters a Conference Creator and a Game Designer.

This wonderful event with days full of information and the nights full of alien craft flying in and out of the mountain and above the night clouds. If you've ever wanted to witness, and experience faries, orbs, UFO's Bigfoot, your chances are the higest at "Eceti Ranch". It's a place where the whole family can come and is assured that it will be a lasting memory. Eceti Ranch seems to vibrate in a frequency of a collective of beings coming from many places. A facility that is staffed mostly by volunteers who have become to what they all say, is an addiction to a place full of magical love and peace.

There were over two hunderd in attendence for the "Soul Tech" event at Eceti Ranch who enjoyed spending time with like minded people who prepare for truth and disclosure by the United States government. Don't believe in UFO's? You can't go to "Eceti Ranch" and not see one, its just not possible. Once you go through the gate, the journey begins and when you leave, you will never be the same! What is it your looking for? You will more than likely find it at the "Eceti Ranch" and bring it home for the rest of your life.

James Gilliland is a best-selling author, internationally known lecturer, minister, counselor, multiple Near Death Experiencer and contactee. James is recognized world-wide as the founder of the Gilliland Estate, previously referred to and commonly known as the ECETI Ranch (Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) where he documents and shares amazing multi-dimensional contact phenomenon which can be viewed at

His weekly As You Wish Talk Radioprogram on draws an audience from around the world who are interested in truth and Higher Consciousness. He is the host of the documentary Contact Has Begun and has been featured in documentaries and television shows such as His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots, ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special and Paranormal State. He has also appeared on numerous radio shows including Coast to Coast and Jeff Rense. He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines; a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth and he teaches higher dimensional realities from experience.

An unprecedented event is unfolding at the Gilliland Ranch near Mt Adams, and Trout Lake, Washington that has the potential to change the course and destiny of Humanity and the Earth. The people of Earth are being offered a chance to join the rest of the universe in peace and participate in spiritual awakening and benevolent Extraterrestrial contact. UFO sightings, Orb phenomena, CE5 Contact & “UFO contact” with spiritually and technologically advanced extra and ultra-terrestrial off world visitors – a “greater family of man” – has occurred at the Gilliland ranch near Mt. Adams.

Need to know???

"Eceti Ranch is the place to go!!!

ET ORIGINS – SECRETS OF THE STAR PEOPLE - The Movie - Tribal Elders Speak Out

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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08-19-2018, 12:57 PM
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2 More Whistleblowers Divulge Involvement in Secret Space Program -Trump Transparency
What was Hillary going to make sure the American people never knew and the Truimp administration is blowing wide open? Why are so many whistleblowers coming out to expose secrets that are decades old that American tax dollars have funded without the knowledge of the people? How much does Donald Trump really know about the space program that was announced by George Bush? Did the Pentagon make a fool out of the president when they had him announce a space program that has been around since the Eisenhower presidency? Tesla technology alive and well and humans on Earth living in a primitive world. What don't you know? What hasn't the president been briefed on or has he???

20 and Back is the standard phrase use to describe the tour of duty undergone by recruits into the SSP (Secret Space Program).

The term 20 and back refers to the 20 year commitment that these military men and women make when they sign up to go into space — or the amount of time they are forced to serve as slaves.

Secrecy has made America less of a nation and the lies and disinformation given to the president of the United States by those he is supposed to trust is what many would call treason. Who wants to divide the United States and go to war? Those who don't want the truth and continue to attack the sitting president Donald Trump! Disclosure is NOW!!! Humans are not alone and technology can take you anywhere!!!

A Dulce Base, New Mexico Underground Base Security Officer Speaks Out

The following is a list of questions that were directed to former Dulce Base Security officer Thomas Edwin Castello approximately a year before his death [or disappearance]. Humans are not the "ONLY" occupants on planet Earth? Trump transparency is revealing the truth and where the missing trillions from the Pentagon has gone. Lockheed Martin and Rand government contracts revealing the underground bases and being kept fromt he Trump admistration? Will Trump tour the underground bases...Denver International Airport? New Mexico, Pennsylvania, etc???

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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08-19-2018, 07:01 PM (This post was last modified: 08-19-2018 07:23 PM by TheDove.)
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RE: 2 More Whistleblowers Divulge Involvement in Secret Space Program -Trump Transparency
(08-19-2018 12:57 PM)Thinker Wrote:  

Rodriguez looks like a person I know as Daryl Ableman he works as a doctor in Coquitlam, BC. He was put in a classroom with me in 1979 for a few months. Then he was removed and left with a man he said was his father. He claimed to be South African.(The movie District 9 - is not a total lie, more like a documentary) The last name Rodrigues is the original last name of my old roommate Damien Gendron and he belonged to a problem group of people. He claimed the "Gendron's" were his parents but they looked nothing like him. One woman he said was his younger sister did look like him. Damien was the cousin in law or brother in law of my foster brother Bill Edgeworth. They like several people having the same last name(Bill and part of Damien's family). Bills wife was Trish and until I saw the marriage announcement in the paper and the hard copy they mail out I thought her first name was Trish. After seeing it I realized her first and middle name were the same as me only her last name was Gugliotta and she'd been married other times before that and/or changed her name. So after they married since my foster brother, foster sister, and foster parents had changed their last name to same as me after my head injury before I moved in with them. So using my memory loss to claim they were my family. Then after Bill married Trish she became "Mrs" Bill Edgeworth or Mrs with the same name as me. I was "Miss" and after divorcing Jimmy Chan I used my maiden name with Ms for awhile then stop using Miss on most things. I think they like mistaken identity or use it as plausible deniability.

I'm one of the ones that went through the re-aging process. There are some beauty things that help do that including skin ultrasound and photon LED treatment. But there is also a bath you can go into and electromagnetic treatment. I was in for more than 20 years. Problem people rely on the fact that the foster family kept trying to keep me from remembering. They once waved a 3 million dollar cheque in front of my face with my name on it in the 1980s. Then knocked me out with chloroform and went out to go cash it and distribute it to others. I woke up later wondering what had gone on and they told me I must of been dreaming. I'm sure whatever agency sent the money was real and has a record of it. It was worth their while to make sure I didn't remember.

From what memories I do have I worked with most programs with the "Edge" branding on it. Boeing and NASA. But also with Lockheed Martin and the sr92 and other projects. Originally I remember having to work hard and work my way up the ladder because women weren't given certain status or jobs at the time. Eventually I started doing some of my own research programs. But I worked on a variety involving physics and complex mathematics and chemistry. I was one of the people that came up with the hull markings for Astra II and that binary message the man saw after actually lists linux time giving a date in or around 1971. With the location of one of many island or coast bases for non-typical aircraft.(circular wing, triangle, free form, space planes, etc)

Part of my work caused me vitiligo which changed me from brown skinned to white. I get a slight pink to me these days from the sun but for the longest time I just didn't tan. There is also a process to change eye color that I worked with people on. It changes eyes blue but can cause also hazel eyes and in the odd case green eyes. My hair possibly seemed to change to others because one of the plant extracts in my hair products causes hair to darken.(it's not dye) But both me and another woman that was a pilot both had red hair. I can't remember if she ever dyed hers. I only met her when we did formation flights. Her flight training and air time was completely separate from mine except for the formation flight and a flight at one asian airshow.

The 20 program did involve a lot of experimental medical. This is because sometimes we fought disease outbreaks, or had to deal with unusual things causing us harm. Also as scientists we were given more freedom to look into theoretical science and try to use it. Originally aging was a problem for some people because some time travel can cause an impact to cells in the body. Which is why at one point they wore deep dive and space suits that were heavily insulated and even vehicles. Technology improved and some of it on the fly could also alter appearance or appearance of age.

There were different parts of the 20 program. The man in the video is not the same sort of participant I was in it. I was in sciences and administration. The moon pentagon was indeed a simple redesign of an existing building. But they did have other structures they came up with after. It was made in haste because of a critical incident situation that presented itself. It needed somewhere that wasn't on earth that could monitor earth and could link with other programs on other planetary objects. Others in the program monitored the convicted. Just because they seemed to be teens or adolescents doesn't mean the "hybrids" weren't dangerous. The regular officers were given good holiday, health, and retirement packages for their service in a complicated classified program. I wasn't kept from re-enlistment. Those of us in the program are under a special "recall to service" notice. Meaning at any time they can be reactivated. It's almost like being drafted only that it's involving classified work. When reactivated they may undergo memory recovery protocols and are often called back because of their experience or expertise based on passed missions or work.

The Rodrigues and others were in it because they was a found hybrid human meaning one parent was from earth one parent was a human not from earth. The hybrids in one group weren't because of love or life happens things. They were a deliberate group that would naturally be able to stand the conditions on this planet and their other parents(different gravity and slight differences in atmosphere) and they were born to be part of a group that would try to take over. They had been given access to sciences people of earth didn't generally have access too. This was because their off earth parent was training them to be part of the terrorist group. The children that were found were offered 20 years in varied service as part of their sentence for crimes(hacking, messing with phone and banking, etc or other crimes). They could also be sent to an off earth facility (Ceres) or deported from the solar system and possibly into the hands of another legal authority. Many of the kids chose to serve in the 20 squad. They naturally aged differently even without the re-aging program. There were far more on earth that remained a problem. But Earth invested in an advanced tracking program that used immunization and other things to track their DNA and use/create a bio circuit to track.


Years ago NASA gathered information along with others. Scientists went over it all so did archaeologists at one point and other specialists. It was concluded most of earths population is from Mars and Venus and they are survivors of a great war. That it is the reason people had to start over and lost part of their pasts. Part of their culture was moved by technologies over to Earth which was terraformed. After that the ships left taking others back to different colonies. Then eventually expected back. Which they did get some message over but people here weren't expecting such a message so were surprised at its contents.

Others came to earth as a sanctuary. Several bugs, plants, and other creatures on earth are a mix of survivors from various disasters seen by human colonies that ended up on Mars and Venus.(they also were the occupants of the underground cities and cave cities during a second war between star systems) They are the last of their kind and as such are sometimes of interest to perhaps other life forms. A few humans came to earth because they could get away from jail and other things they were ordered into in their own world. They hide out here and do what they want figuring ways to avoid discovery or to cause trouble to force negotiations. Others just wanted to be famous so brought something here, said it was there's, learned enough about it to fake things, and then became famous like the others on their home world or other worlds they knew. Then there are people who came from desperate situations that were labourers, or people on planets that reached critical points in sustainability. Others also came here to do research and were more like an anthropologist studying Earth and its various people. There were also people from other universes or dimensions. One collapsed and so did a bridge to another so some ended up stuck here. Much like a time orphan can get stuck. I think there was 23 human populated star systems that made contact over the years. Others contained other life forms or a mixture.

There is a massive underground train system using a vacuum tube. It connects continents. Some of the underground tried to connect to it. Some of the material they run into is from nuclear glass. Just like the system on Mars. The Grand Canyon was one of the many areas strip mined by giant machines. The weird rock formations are not from regular means. At one point they were strip mining blocks of buildings that had melted into a large rock like mass. They took out usable resources that had once been part of the buildings. In Scandinavia a giant hydro system was removed which gave it sheer smooth rock face. Smooth lines and angles usually are a hint it isn't natural. Though sometimes stuff crumbles a bit making it look a bit more natural.

Lockheed Martin along with two other companies maintains space based 3d printers for ships and stations. They don't discuss it and it's not easily seen with common astronomers scopes. A lot of asteroids are either camouflaged vehicles or in use depending on their size. The humans and others living within this star system come from yellow, orange, red dwarf, blue-white, and blue stars. Sever had more than one star in their system. One was a red dwarf with a blue-white star and more than one earth like planet. Some settlers move because of family prohibitions. They have to apply to an office for a permit to have children due to sustainability rules. To be free to have a child or have more than one they must agree to space service and live on another planet.

I went through a program that at one point past life regressed us. I was part of a LEAF(life sciences) in another place and a soldier based off of it. I had lived on Mars, been to Venus before destruction. Through time travel Earth has seen what the other worlds were once like. They ran programs to study them. Based on the regression my parents were involved in terraforming and sciences in a different life. I was born on one of the places they were working and that system had the Red Dwarf and Blue star binary system. I can't remember any more than that. It was very weird going through that past life regression. Some of it you treat as newagy whatever and take a wait and see with. But they had other technologies they were using when they did it not just standard hypnosis. They had a memory capture thing and could see what I was seeing and record them. They can use this technology on any human to see events or replay them for other people. The headset for replay reminded me of biofeedback but was based off of brain mapping.

If you've ever seen Gerry Andersons various series Space 1999, Thunderbirds, and Captain Scarlet are all based off of real things. It was felt giving children the truth and they being raised with it they would accept things better than the adults. They are stores from 1960s yet mention things like the under ocean, farming gold from sea water, and the nuclear battery incident with waste storage on the moon. In the under ocean the people there are from a disaster after a volcano went off in AntArtica. It happened when someone hooking up a geothermal power unit put the nozzle into a vent wrong, increasing pressure and causing a massive eruption and ice age. At the time other areas there were protected by an electromagnetic dome and other dome technologies. They appeared to sink(like atlantis) and sediment, etc went above them forming a new seafloor. Then there became the two seperate oceanic areas. The one above and the one found during core drilling below the other. In that below one there is a society that survived and learned to cope living in those situations. But also made their way back to surface and kept track of things there.

As to depopulation there were arguments over it. People weren't being sustainable in having families or in industry. The results were they banned technologies that would cure almost everything. Because they needed the death rates that caused by allowing somethings to remain uncured. They also argued to keep modified virus to also help reduce population and a few other things. After many debates they came up with an "act of god" protocol. This uses a weather control system. It warns a country in violation of human rights standards to change and gives a specific date it must be done by. If it isn't they are hit by a massive storm which is likely to kill around 100 to a few thousand. Thailand was one of the first to hear the warning raining down from the heavens(a satellite). They ignored it and continued in violation of women and children's rights and the people were slowly suffering, etc. They didn't comply in time so were hit by the storm. Time passed their number ticked up they still hadn't changed so it happened again. It's happened in several countries that have violations and kept the population down. Another population control program sent some people back into earth's history.

As to the degree of masons, etc. There are several special groups that over centuries have been tasked with particular jobs. Some of them gradually reintroduced technologies from a under temple labyrinth that stored things. At one point in history some of the people were given longevity treatments so that they could live longer lives and teach or train people. CIA and a few other groups have acronyms used by other agencies which aren't public.

In antarctica there is a big transportation pad, underground or under ice city, and of course other on surface buildings. Digging in a few areas around the world they have found automobiles, parts of buildings, etc all as old as ancient digs or older. Some contained maps and books. Computers were also found.

The big lizards and such aren't as bad as they sound. It depends on how well you get to know them and what you were around them for. I had seen a very large one that was kind of mellow, his work partner was actually kind of funny. There are a few species of aliens though that just seem constantly serious. One of the moon admins was that way. But if you paid attention you could see he was capable of more than just been serious or seeming angry.

As to the naming thing about the reptiles. Yes they did usually get a name descriptive of what they did. The letters are important as it is a security thing. If the person doesn't get it right they likely aren't who or what they say they are. Sometimes people have more than one name from an old job or second job and the letters might be different. I used to know two of their name letter meanings and saw them getting their duty name. They do have something that isn't either but they don't exactly like sharing that with Earth based humans and some from two other planets. I knew an ancestor of one of the two whose names I knew. The one showed me once a memory crystal with me and their ancestor in it working together. He had to destroy the one copy because he went near Ceres with it while I was sent there to do something and he had something to do and was trying to protect me at one point. He didn't go there with me he and the other one were on a different ship. At one point he apologized to me then knocked me out because I couldn't remember something he was doing for both our safety. Then he made sure the other people I had been with saw me but not them. They also tried to work with earth aquatic humanoids but found them hard to get along with.

I suppose the V thing comparison is true. Two of the reptile groups didn't fully see eye to eye.(some are warm blooded) Then there was another group which looked humanoid but wasn't reptile or human. There was a specific branch in the one reptilian group that posed as other positions which is how the guy had the crystal of me I guess from his grandparents. I did see one very old one once and he claimed to of known me before. I couldn't recognize him but he was friendly and did speak to me as if we had known each other. As to humans as a food I don't remember that coming up until one malaysian flight was disappeared and then they went after the occupants for food. Reptiles can eat stem cell meat and some eat insects or plants. Not all eat meat. Human bodies aren't always what is wanted by the thing that considers them food. They want the cellular energy of the body and the energy of what we call a soul. Consuming that tends to cause mummy like bodies.

Still most of what we see are people in stylized uniforms. Even those that aren't human use them and fake body suits to look human. Some of them live just outside of our perceivable range within the same space as us. As for trying to reprogram people it happens. A few they are careful about because of what potential they have might be needed again and they need their mind to work ok.

Ultra clearance goes to at least level 11. I did have a UMS designation. I can't remember all of what they had me at. But that is a result of their deliberate selective memory loss combined with non selective when I was attacked in 1979.

The physics and such were to the point we could seem to make objects appear from nothing, time travel, dimensional travel, walking through solids(some of that is dangerous without a specific suit), antigrav, reaching into a body and removing a tumor, electronically knitting bones and tissue, liquid computers and vehicles, and acoustical suits that make people look like comic book characters with special abilities. As to ships I've seen a few large ones trying to hide in the clouds. One was a american USAF disk. The other not sure who it was maybe something newer or from another group. I've seen plenty of round drones and ships which via holograms and light emitted can fake being the sun in the day and moon at night. You can take some pictures of the sky at certain times and there is no moon or sun just haze or light of day and night. Other times you see the objects. Though some of these are of our own making. Some might not be and have been around a long time. They do observe the astronauts in the space station not just things on the planet.
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08-26-2018, 02:52 PM (This post was last modified: 08-26-2018 06:54 PM by Thinker.)
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World Treaty Conference to Ban Anti-Personnel Neuro/Electromagnetic DEW &Mind Control
Victims like myself and Dr. Horton are hoping for truth and justice against a rouge force who attack all positive, Trump supporting, anti-vaccine, and those who aren't complying to enslavement. Those who have gone off the grid and aren't tuned into a television or addicted to a sport are targets. Those who seek and love all the spiritual, loving, community are on the list for DEW attacks. How do you know your being attacked? Hold a piece of tinfoil over you head and if it sound like raindrops are hitting it, your a target. Do you get blasts of heat on your ears, face, body in a split second from being comfortable? Your being targeted? Put bird feeders around your house, and when the birds aren't feeding, the DEW is not safe for them, and more than likely not safe for you.

How can you see the invisible drones that are sending the DEW'S???

Hang windsocks or steamers in your trees, and you'll be able to watch from which direction the DEW's are coming. You'll be able to look up if you have trees, and see the down draft that is created by the propellers on the drones. You can't see them because they are coated with an reflective film that was created by a U.S. university. Crimes against humanity against innocent citizens isn't happening from the Trump administration, but by the deep state and a program approved by the Obama/Clinton administration. The attacks one myself and others are acts of treason ordered by the pedophiles who are currently still in charge of some agencies in governments. World Treaty Conference to Ban Anti-Personnel Neuro/Electromagnetic DEW & Mind Control Technologies Announced By Ramola D. News Inside Out has reported on its interview with Journalist & Author Ramola D, whose breakthrough news:


Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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08-28-2018, 07:51 PM
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Former Area 51 Scientist Discloses Projects That have Never Been Seen by the Public
When the "TRUTH" is told, people like me won't be attacked by technology paid for by the American tax payer and used by a man/woman/? in uniform following an order. DEW attacks continue on myself and many innocent people around the world.


Waiting for the assault on Trump supporters/truthers/love all people to stop. The technology that should be used for something good is controlled by those who don't want Trump in the White House. Trump wants to tell the people what they should have know a long time ago, when Dwight D. Eisenhower was in the White House. Now as the population on planet Earth grows, its time for the citizens of the United States to know about the "BEINGS" they have lived side-by-side with for decades. For so long there have been those who wanted to tell the truth, but "GREED" and "POWER" have taken over. Sharing and Caring has been gone from a planet for so long, and now there are those who want it to return, and they aren't human. It's time for "DISCLOSURE," so that the planet can start to heal and those who have kept secrets for profits exposed.

Space technology expert and former Area 51 rocket designer David Adair will show you visuals and graphics of what the Aerospace Community had intended to build in space with the Shuttle program. These projects have never been seen before or announced to the public. Learn about: Space Stations, Space Manufacturing, Space Based Medicines and Micro-Gravity Processing that the Aerospace Corporations wanted to build but were told NO by NASA because it was ‘too much industrialization of space’. Prepare to be amazed at the possibilities that exist! Meet and hear from one of the most exceptional rocket scientists of our time.

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08-29-2018, 09:08 AM
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Strengthing the Resolve - FBI Thugs Invade Journalist Home, & Now Blowback is Coming!
For to long, there have been those individuals working around corruption and not part of the plan. Many of these people never get a chance to tell their story and the truth. I'm waiting for the same situation and ready as the journalist is in this article. Recording all the activities of the neighbors who are payed by some tax dollars from some contractor. How long will people be attacked for talking about what the discoveries that should be for "ALL," but are only for some. GREED and pedophiles have distroyed the family, unity, love, and peace. A campagin to attack journalists who support Donald Trump and truth are being attacked!

The only people who don't want to disclose the truth, are the people with something to hide and look who wants to protect them!!! Words followed with actions are showing the world the true content of every individual and organization. Who gave the order to invade? What history will be revealed after the investigation of the FBI breaking in and leaving a family with a memory of terror that will never go away.

Did the Obama/Clinton administration put terrorist into government organizations in the US?

How many non-Americans are in high level positions in the U.S. government???

Trump is going to find out soon!!!


Headlines With A Voice -Published on Aug 27, 2018

A Big Hurtin' Comin' to Deep State

I can say with certainty, my decision to journey back into journalism was made after the FBI pointed guns at the heads of my wife and children. I knew that first morning (the FBI actually raided my home twice and pointed guns at my family twice) when federal agents raided our home one definitive thing was going to unfold ...

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08-30-2018, 02:34 AM (This post was last modified: 08-30-2018 04:07 AM by Thinker.)
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The world isn't waiting for the American security agencies to finally tell their people the truth. To long, so many men, women, and other life forms have had to be suppressed, and now that Trump and not Clinton is in the White House "TRUTH" is being told. When it comes to the space program, the president of the United States, Donald Trump isn't getting it from those who are supposed to inform him and paid by tax dollars. The president is getting it from former government employee's who have in many cases waiting decades to speak out. When they are ready, the alternative media world is there to recieve them with open arms.

David Wilcock has given Trump more information about the space program than the military, and now with Corey Goode and David Emery informing him and the rest of the world about "ALL" the "BEINGS" living on planet Earth, change is happening. No longer can the lies stand up against the "TRUTH" and mainstream media is going to have to learn to produce it and "REAL" news or get left behind.

With people like Jimmy Church, who I didn't know until "ECETI" ranch "SOUL TECH" who he was, but I can say that he has a large following of people, and if you want Americans to know, Church is one who is fighting for honor and to "Make America Great Again." One thing I can say for sure about Church is that I spent four days hearing the what a wonderful man he was. Some people have been following him for six years and others from "Contact in the Desert" and followed him to Washington for a workshop and UFO watching on Mt. Adams Galatic Airport.

Below is an interview that with Corey Goode? You can find more on Corey Goode and know what Trump is looking at on his website that just launched today, with information at the bottom.

Corey Goode Update 08/24/2018 — THE TESTING ON MY EARLY LIFE — Corey Goode August 24 2018

Using children for government projects as long as there have been non-humans in contact with the world governments. Corey Goode is just one of many whistleblowers who have come out to tell the world the truth and about the program.

THREE TRILLIONS US DOLLAR BLACK BUDGET ON SECRET SPACE PROGRAM - Everything the President of the United States needs to know. Who cares about redactions when its coming from the horses mouth? Follow the money and corruption and the most corrupt will more than likely be found. Trump getting ready to fire everyone who has held back information he had to get on alternative media. What a shame when the public gets the "TRUTH" before the president by many of the men and women who swore an oath of honor to him and the people, but lied. (Commercial starts and then ends at 7:24 to skip)

Part TWO:

Goode isn't alone when it comes to being a child test subject for the government, and information that Trump has yet to get from the DOJ is somewhere on the internet on alternative media. How many of these children, now adults from past government projects will be stepping into the White House to give Trump first hand information that he should know?

David Adair - The Boy Who Knew His Bombs!

The boy who spent most of his life in underground military bases. AMERICA'S FALL FROM SPACE, a documentary about government secrets and one man's journey to reclaim his reputation. Released for the first time, personal documents, interviews and unspoken factual encounters are revealed in this notable account by David Adair. Approached by a notorious Air Force General interested in first-strike capability in 1969, a 15 year old boy held the secret to the fastest rocket on Earth. Given "Black Ops" resources by the U.S. Government, David Adair developed his rocket in secret, then destroyed it when he learned that it was to be used for first strike capability against Russia. Facing a lifetime of discreditation and silent undercover threats, Adair speaks out about technology lost, the truth about his rocket and the alien engine that was shown to him by the U.S. Government at Area 51.

Laura Eisenhower Says She Was Recruited For Secret Space Program

Great grand of president Dwight D. Eisenhower vows to take on the military-industrial complex – and their alien allies. The growth of the military-industrial complex would prove to be one of the greatest anxieties in the life of the President Dwight D. Eisenhower. In 1961, he stood down from his role and gave a curious and troublesome speech warning of the growth of the military industry in the United States and the horrors that it could lead to.

In 1961, Dwight Eisenhower relinquished the office of President of the United States after two successful terms in office. In his outgoing speech, Eisenhower expressed his deeply held fears about the future of his beloved country. He warned that the relationship between industrial arms producers and the official Defense Department was becoming problematic and that weaponry and war were quickly becoming the most profitable industry in the country which could lead to enormous problems in the fields of science, education, and agriculture further down the line.

Eisenhower warns us of the military-industrial complex:

Jump Room to Mars: Did CIA Groom Obama & Andy Basiago (Candidate 2016) as future Presidents?

Written by Dr Michael Salla on December 26, 2015. Posted in Space Programs

In Part One of this series, it was shown that Andrew Basiago’s run for the 2016 Presidential election is partly based on his belief that he was pre-identified as a future U.S. President in a CIA/DARPA run time travel program called “Project Pegasus.” The Project’s main purpose was to gather intelligence from past and future world events, including the election of upcoming Presidents.

Subsequent to his involvement in Project Pegasus (1969-72), Basiago claims that from 1980 to 1984, he was recruited into a second CIA-led project that involved the use of teleportation technology for travel to Mars. These “Jump Rooms” led to him and others traveling to the Red Planet on multiple occasions witnessing indigenous life on Mars, as well as secret bases there.

In 1980, at the start of the CIA Mars Jump Room project, Basiago claims that he learned that Barack Obama had also been pre-identified as a future President and even Basiago himself was destined to become a U.S. President:



The Full Disclosure Project is a non-profit collective of transparency advocates focused on the release of advanced and improperly classified technologies that could immediately bring an end to the needless suffering of many, as well as an increased level of peace, prosperity and equality for people around the world.


Make the mainstream public aware of the strong evidence that highly advanced technologies are currently being suppressed.

Work to release this technology fully, freely, and immediately.

Seek a Full Disclosure of all “unacknowledged programs.”

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09-04-2018, 11:06 PM
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Whistleblower Tells All - Frequency EXPERIMENTS on Unwitting American Cities
How long will those like myself who is being targeted daily beams of energy that do hurt? Is the department in charge of directed energy weapons working for the deep state? Are humans being cooked from the inside out by frequency??? Birds dropping out of sky... HACKING the Human Brain, Targeted Individuals, V2K Voice to skull technology, TI Electronic Harassment, Gang Stalking, tinnitus, mood altering ELF frequencies, everyone is on antidepressants, the Russia and Cuba embassy frequencies, the bird and fish die-offs, and much more...

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09-06-2018, 01:07 PM (This post was last modified: 09-06-2018 01:13 PM by Thinker.)
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Donald Trump's New Members of the W.H. Roundtable With Full Blown Transparency???
How many of the men in the video below will be going to the White House to meet the president of the United States??? All during his campaign, Donald Trump promised the people transparency and "TRUTH" which haS been coming in waves large and small. Now there are those in government who were forced as children to participate in programs that the masses who paid for them didn't know about them. Donald Trump believes the citizens of the United States have a right to know how their money is being spent, and there is a roundtalble forming that is telling not only Americans, but the WHOLE WORLD!!!


For far to long the majority of the people of planet Earth have been kept from knowing their true potential, and what is truly beyond its atmosphere. For centuries, there have been "BEINGS" who have come and gone from planet Earth, and many who have remained and live side by side with humans. While most of us spend time looking at the exterior of an individual, it's the inside that reveals the truth. Like humans, non-humans come in good and bad, and those that hate have joined the haters, and those that love and wish for unity an peace have joined the team of Donald Trump.

How many attacks have their been on the sitting president of the United States, by those who have decieved the people, and prevented them from the use of 100% of their brains??? What do you think you could do if you could access "ALL" of your senses??? Donald Trump has been off planet and been in counsil with the very group that governs and watches over planetary activities. They have assigned a group, like the secret service to watch over Donald Trump, so that he can continue to "Drain the Swamp" to Make America & the World Great Again!

Trump's visitors! Four UFOs (Personal Planetary Security Force) are Spotted flying over US president's Scottish golf course

Daily Mail easily dimiesses the "TRUTH" but there will be more sightings in more places. Follow Trump and look up, his security team will be there to prevent the missiles, and other things that happen to go wrong when he's around from reaching their destination. Four UFOs were spotted flying over US President Donald Trump's golf course in Scotland.

A golf fan shared a picture of the mysterious objects, seen in the sky above a Scottish flag at Trump's Turnberry club in Ayshire. Alongside the snap on the UFO Stalker website, he revealed his niece had taken the picture from the balcony of the room at the luxury resort at around 8pm on August 16.

Those who want to remove Donald Trump from the White House are facing an army of technology that hasn't come to the majority or the military industrial complex yet. Trump working with some of the intelligent life forces in the gallaxy and they are protecting him!!!

David Wilcock & Corey Goode On The Secret Space Program's Alliance For Disclosure - SHOCKING NEWS

Those that are attacking the sitting president of the United States, Donald Trump, know about life beyond and that which is all over planet Earth. It's time for "ALL" races/beings to know about one another and for the planet to begin to heal in peace, unity, and harmony. We are all connected into the grid and every word and actions causes a reaction. It's time to put the "TRUTH" back into a planet that hasn't had it for a long time, and with "TRUTH" comes "LOVE" that so many have yet to find. There are those like Donald Trump who are trying to bring awareness to the people, so t hat they can support the actions of Trump.

How long will it take for those who can't turn off their televisions for a day to see the reality of their future and their children's future???

Corey Goode & David Wilcock Jan 19, 2018 Disclosure, Cabal's Defeat, Ancient Aliens & Inner Earth


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09-11-2018, 01:25 PM
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Three Day's Of Brutal Microwave Attacks - How Much is the President's Family Getting?
From Friday to Sunday, the microwave attacks on our home and bodies have been brutal. A continuous stream of microwaves, in the most covert sadistic operation I've ever seen. All eyes on Clarenceux Drive in Gibsonia, Pa, that borders Tesla's forest and stargate. Evil is all around and everyone is watching and recording the events. The security on every road surrounding the shopping center that borders one side of the forest has been increased with cameras everywhere!!! The most secure shopping center in Pa. with a forest behind it that they can't keep people away. Everyone wants to see the stargate and are looking for it. On the weekend the alarms don't stop and more and more star wars seekers are coming to watch the night sky over Gibsonia.

The more Donald Trump is attacked in the news, the more the attacks have been on my home and family. Attacked in America, not by men and women with honor, but by those who hide and don't have PRIDE inside! Any many or woman who would follow an order and attack and unarmed American in order to protect a lie, is a threat to the nation and people. Any leader that would give such an order isn't human/American/honorable. What is happening to the Trump family??? How many of them are being attacked and don't even know it??? Do they attack the children???

Crimes against humanity in the United States and paid for by you the taxpayer.


Microwave weapons no longer Conspiracy Theory – Now deployed in China, U.S. Already Up and Running

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told lawmakers that the ‘sonic attack’ in China was ‘medically similar’ to the incidents in Cuba. Editor’s note: Clearly the unfortunate American who suffered a ‘mild brain injury’ was the victim of an attack using a microwave weapon and no doubt, this was the work of someone in the intelligence community. The CIA have long admitted to possessing microwave weapons (Retaliation Against Trump for Taking Clearances???); and the research into the exploitation of the microwave portion of the frequency spectrum dates all the way back to WW2 and the early developments in centimetric radar.

The invention that made a practical centimetric radar system possible took place in Britain, at Manchester University. The device was called a cavity magnetron, and it made possible for the first time the generation of microwave frequencies at high power levels. Today, the cavity magnetron is at the heart of every microwave oven. It is also to be found in all forms of high frequency equipment for telecomms; anywhere where you need to generate a high frequency signal. Add an antenna and a wave guide and you have yourself a microwave weapon.

In the 1950s, British researchers discovered that many frequencies in the microwave spectrum had effects on the human body; certain frequencies could cause very serious health effects, particularly to the brain. Given sufficient exposure, you could induce all kinds of injuries, including strokes. This research lead to the development of microwave weapons that were covertly deployed during:

One World One Community Targeted Individuals Association/b]

Psychological warfare tactics are being used against unsuspecting citizens to destroy their jobs, their families and their lives But for sure these are serious imprisonable offences, each attack is not only against the law because of microwave emissions regulations but it is also wreck-less endangerment to life and attempted murder, just because you die slowly from microwave radiation poisoning and organ failure, does not mean they cant be charged with murder or attempted murder.

This is something the TIA lawyers are looking at as a package of charges to bring against all Gang Stalkers. Including Grievous Bodily Harm, Anti Stalking laws and a myriad of other offences they commit. What are the prospects for DEW in the leading regions and countries?
You will discover individual revenue forecasts for 9 leading national Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) market markets and RoW from 2017-2027: Each of the 8 leading national markets as well as the ROW are further segmented by the two submarkets for High Powered Microwave (HPM) and High Powered Laser (HPL).

Weapons, Defense, generate trillions of dollars...profits not people is the name of the game.

- Canada
- Germany
- India
- Israel
- Japan
- UK
- US


Once you become dependent (ie. you believe their impulse injections are your own) on the system's output (or they believe your responses to it are consistent) they will begin to fabricate 'subconscious responses' which they will pretend are indicators of
honesty/dishonesty, positive recognition, anxiety, etc, and they will use these 'impulse injections' to convince you that the fabricated responses are your own.

If you are unaware of this constant mental manipulation the system will begin to shape your thoughts and behavior. They will use this to [attempt to] restrict your thoughts and behavior by blocking [interfering with] your memory and thought process while these suggestions (injected impulses) are being provided ­ the interference is triggered and can be activated at will by the attackers.

Again, you can defeat the RNM attacks by:

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